Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interviews: SFW Face

Rihanna Cole: Hello Ioana! I am so happy to interview you, on the topic of SFW!
Ioana: Hello Rihanna! I'm glad to be here :)

Rihanna Cole: It's amazing! How do you feel on being one of the faces of SFW? Did you ever thought you'd be chosen (be honest)!

Ioana: I feel really proud, because it is one of my greatest achievements on SD so far, and SFW is a breath taking event on stardoll. But when I applyed i had hope, and maybe that helped me when I got chosen, but I was very surprised because a lot of people applyed, yeah, maybe the strong hope helped me

Rihanna Cole: I agree, never give up just keep hoping! Because over 130 stardollians applied, but as Becka said she wanted something different, someone unique! What do you think makes you different & unique?

Ioana: Everyone is different, but most of them copy others, and they loose their identity. All i'm doing is to be myself and this way I stand out.

Rihanna Cole: Aww thats amazing! Now only six collections have been released this year up to now in SFW; what would you say is your favourite collection? & Why?

Ioana: They all have been so creatively done. I love them all but i have to say that Monster, Kharma and BYS are my favourite ines. They are DIFFERENT in a good way and the graphics are excellent! Monster has some good things that are killing me ( in a good way again) I adore those pink Kharma pants, i would die to have them on sd or real life and BYS has got those skyscraper platforms which i think are their stample from now on because they have them in every outfit, in different colors

Rihanna Cole: I agree on you with everything! (Monster is my favourite)! Haha, so what plans do you have for Stardoll?

Ioana: Right now, school takes most of my time, but i'm focused on my own modeling competition, Essence Models, and weekly tasks of the modeling competitions i'm in. So my modeling career on sd is the main focus now.

Rihanna Cole: Wow! That's amazing, your modeling career has risen alot, but Ioana, we have to rap this up! It's being wonderful interviewing you, I hope we can chat soon!

Ioana: Thank you! It's time to go cause another SFW party has begun! See you there!