Sunday, April 22, 2012

SFW: Interview With Becka!

SFW is finally here and that's right... The lovely Rihanna Cole managed to get an interview with the owner and manager behind it all, Becka Lavendale! If you don't know who Becka is, well you darn right should! So here it is, the interview with the amazing girl behind it all at SFW, I guess we could call her Miss SFW. 

Rihanna Cole: Hey Becka! Thanks for this interview covering SFW! How exciting!

Becka Lavendale: You kidding me? I'm getting interviewed for TTT. I'm the excited one!!

Rihanna Cole: It is very exciting! For both of us! So what was the main inspiration behind Stardoll Fashion Week?

Becka Lavendale: Just to show off all the incredible talent at Stardoll. I love fashion, I love design, I love organising things like this. It was just perfect!

Rihanna Cole: Of course Stardoll is! Just to clear it up, did you organise, Stardoll Fashion Week A/W'11 all by yourself?

Becka Lavendale: Pretty much, yeah. Gillian [juciimami827] helped out with some links etc when my internet was on it's period, and as much as I wish I could take credit for those divine graphics, Plamena [plami161] took care of those. But all the organisational stuff, yeah.

Rihanna Cole: I have to agree on you with Plamena's graphics, they were phenomenal! Oh and in the first Stardoll Fashion Week, there were some pleasant suprises. Will there be any, jaw dropping 'suprises' in the Stardoll Fashion Week A/W'11?

Becka Lavendale: I don't know about surprises, but we have some pretty jaw dropping collections. These people are really underrated. Get ready for some skill!

Rihanna Cole: There was alot of skill in the last
fashion week also, do you think this years collections will be even better? So many people expect 'fireworks' due to the fashion week getting a few setbacks? What happened?

Becka Lavendale: The setbacks were a combination of factors. My real life was too busy for excessive planning, and we've had problems with communications with designers. A lot of people don't understand why I haven't handed the job over to someone else, but it's a heavy job whatever's going on in real life, and a lot to trust on someone new. The two people I would trust most with it, Christina and Charlotte, are focused on real life right now, and I respect that. So people have just had to wait a while. I hope it will! It's all a matter of opinion. There will be critics, but I know there's a whole bunch of geniuses in the week, so I'm satisfied!

Rihanna Cole: That sounds hectic Becka! But I'm sure everybody is ready, we've miss getting drunk with our two litre vodka bottles!
Haha, but I have to cover this, because... You had over 130 stardollians who applied to become the next-face of SFW, what made you pick iovanca and FierceIsMyThing? What happened to picking just one?

Becka Lavendale: So many beautiful dolls applied, but since we already had Nicole, we wanted some variety, and about 75% of them looked just like her! We also wanted unique and original, as well as beautiful, but some of them... sorry to say, but some were boring. We'd seen it all before! So I went for iovanca because her doll had natural beauty and a stunning hair colour [I'm a sucker for redheads] and FierceIsMyThing because I think dark skin is so beautiful, her look was unique, she had the edge to contrast against the pretty Ioana and the cool Nicole. As for just picking one... I'm greedy. So what, I like to indulge!

Rihanna Cole: Arent we all? Haha. Now I do agree with you, it's nice to have a variety of different & unqiue models! Not the same old one. It gets boring as you said. But, now, now Becka, I'm really sorry, but I have to wrap this up, or we'll be here all day, however I have one last question. Which I think might be on quite a few peoples minds, will there be a third Stardoll Fashion Week? I know it is early, early days, but you know what they say. Third time lucky!

Becka Lavendale: Everyone's probably thinking it will be a disaster if I organise it. Which is fair, given how many times I've had to put this one back.
But next time, there will be one big, long summer in which to plan. So yes. There will be a third SFW. :)

Rihanna Cole: Wow! I got to be here! Now Becka, I hope you have enjoyed this interview, it has been a pleasure to be interviewing you!

Becka Lavendale: Thank you, it's been a pleasure doing it :)

& I leave you with the wonderful spoiler, made by the graphic phemonemon Plamena...