Friday, August 26, 2011

123,456,789 is a Magic Number

Well, at least for Stardoll it is. As somebody who's been playing stardoll for a long while now, I would never have imagined that it would get this big. And big it is. So to celebrate, Stardoll has released a few FREE items. Huzzah! Rejoice! Never thought I'd see this day again…

Surprisingly, they're not that ugly. Not great, of course, but not ugly. I must say I'm fond of the 'woven tights', the clutch is pretty cute and I love the lace collar. Of course, since it's Stardoll, you have to take the good with the bad. In this case, that would be a very basic pair of brown boots and a poorly made sequin dress. It's clear that not a huge amount of effort went into these items, but, free is free and nothing to be sniffed at.

In other news, there is a new collection of ridiculously priced nail polishes based on Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver. To be honest, they look more at home with Monster High, but a few of them are cute; like the red and black bat print ('Batt Attack') and simple black-to-red gradient known as 'Oozing Blood'. As pleasant as that name is, it's nothing compared to…


'Brainiac', 'Ka-pow', 'Stitched Up' and 'Slither'.

Yes, that's brains, gunshot wounds, poorly-stitched skin and holes. With worms! Aren't they just perfectly repulsive? I personally hate them - they're disgusting, but I can see them being very popular with the neon scene/emo crowd. Only on Stardoll would you be expected to pay 17 stardollars to have your nails crawling with worms. Yuck.*

"For just 17sd, you too could look like you have chewing gum stuck to your finger with the all new Braniac nail polish!"

Yeah… no.

Hey Stardoll… haven't you heard of not biting the 123,456,789 hands that feed you? Just a thought…

What do you think of the amount of members/the new items?

(*No offense meant to those that like these items, it's only personal opinion :P)


  1. those nail polishes are so expensive!!! but i did also buy the worm one, so yeah...