Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bit Lazy?

First post in a while, sorry. I dropped my laptop and it landed on the charger and broke some wires. I had to wait to get a new charger but I guess it's all good now.

Clearly, they're capable of making amazing graphics but don't you think they've put their skills to waste.
Horrible posing, horrible effects and the shading, I could never be satisfied if I did that sort of shading.
They use hair that we have, use hair we don't have.
They gloss up everything but should they?

Does anyone remember the good quality dolls we had?

Like McDonald's, Stardoll has reduced the size of their products.
The doll on the left is AMAZING, wonderful shading and amazing clothes.
The doll on the right, nice clothes but... The shading looks like the model rubbed brown sugar all over herself and now she looks a bit, not right. The detail's good, the effort... Is horrible. I predict that soon the dolls will look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show.

Please Stardoll, cut the crap.