Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Desperate Much...?

Please note, before you comment take this into account...
I am a bitch and I have a statement. If I feel like saying something, I will. No, I am not jealous, if you want to vote me though...Okay thanks.

So, like any other day, I log into Stardoll, but unexpectedly, I have a whole heap of new guestbook messages. Pssh. I expected it, I'm the most elite bitch you'll associate with. Anyways...

Members are asking me to vote them for Miss Stardoll World, which, I think that's fine. It doesn't bother me. I get messages asking for votes, which is also fine, but... Bitches on chat cranking out the desperate cries, cranking out the poorly written messages begging for votes. There is nothing more annoying than members that sulk for popularity. If you've been in high school, you will compare these members to the sluts that hang out the front with their naughty parts slopping out of their skirts claiming how much they "love" their "friends."
 Then, when they get the fame they have been starving themselves for, it all goes to their heads! Remember that bitch who won last year's MSW? *cough* grenade much! The worst member I've spoken to! Upset that I went to bed and couldn't finish her graphic, pretending she's the queen of Stardoll, come on sister, get off your high chair and stop acting like a baby.

We all know what will happen, covergirl, millions of friends requests, millions of guestbooks messages, blah, blah! Either way, congrats to the winner, as long as you don't become the world's biggest bitch, I may consider you my new best friend.


  1. I really don't care about wining or placing, if I win I win

  2. cone on sister?

    Lol Come on sister* ;)

  3. I know what you mean. i am afraid to log into stardoll because of the tons of such messages. I hate those stardoll freaks! >:P

  4. i hate those desperate hobo beggers!!

  5. OMG LOL

    I'm so glad I wasn't the only girl who thought Perilice was a stuck up prima donna :)

  6. HAHA, I always laugh when you open your mouth :D ILY Elizabitch<3

  7. Me? Funny? LOL Selena Shmexxy Pepsi ;) You're the funny one.

  8. HAHAHAHA xD Now you reminded me about that funnt GB thing we did xD

  9. You're totally right!
    I mean seriosuly, who gives a frock for a VIRTUAL sash and crown?
    I mean okay, it would be nice to win but not spend hundreds, if not thousands of REAL money to get stardollars to broadcast and shet.

    And :O, I didn't know last year's MSW was a bich, glad you said so ;)

    Last but not leas, I hope the MSW winner of this year will be a nice girl who doesn't become a person who is arse-kissed, and doesn't let her fame make her forget who she really is inside and doesn't become a bich.
    That's all I wanna say.