Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fierce is Back!

Hello everyone!

Today I'm here with big news. While I was checking through my favourite blogs I noticed on "Stardoll's Most Hated Webside" an article called like this one. First I though that's not big news, I already saw a comment by Alice (AKA Hunnigall) in the comment section of the application form of Stardoll Fashion Week that Fierce will be back and she also opened application for designers to have a feature in the next issue. But there's more! Apparently Alice released the spoiler for the upcoming issue. Here it is:

The Graphic is AMAZING, isn't it? Or shall I call it FIERCE?

I'm totally excited, are you too?



  1. Her graphic skills are ace, no doubt!

  2. You're a member since... this year... How can you be the one telling us that... FIERCE is back???
    just saying...

  3. I can't wait ! Best magazine I have ever seen .

  4. @Anon - Don't hate, love!

    And yeah I agree with Linus, she is AMAZING at graphics.

  5. THAT is in fact fantastic. <3