Monday, August 22, 2011

Got your September Issue yet???

Everyone just knows about the important September Issue! You all saw the movie starring Anna Wintour and all the Vogue New York staff.

Then few days ago, I get mine... from Paris of course. 

On the cover this year : Charlotte Casiraghi, Caroline de Monaco's daughter.

Here are some pictures of the photoshoot by Mario Testino!

And my favorite one:

Then I still didn't finish to read it all... But I can already say that I am not disappointed. Vogue is still something very important for me, and like it says in the movie : september is the time to change our clothes!
Well, most of us aren't that rich to by an entire new closet... but I guess it's also important to everyone, to get the first day of class in a comfortable outfit that makes you even prouder of yourself and shows who you are from the beginning.

Then i just wanted to share my thoughts of country's Vogue with you. But, what about you, what do you think of Vogue Paris.
How's your Vogue?
Did you get your September Issue yet?
What do you think about the importance of September and changing your closet?

P.S. Little video of the behind the scenes of a makeup photoshoot.


  1. Love the makeup!!!

  2. I definitely want to get VOGUE UK September issue, as I also think September is an important month, especially for your wardrobe!

    Great post. :)