Friday, September 23, 2011

Introducing... Vanessa Bruno

Maybe you remember my post about The Kooples. Then, as I thought, I want it to be like a column... called 'Introducing...'

So for today, let me introduce : Vanessa Bruno.

She's French!
Her name is her brand's name too.
Today she's 39 but she created her Line when she was 24 (in 1996), after being mannequin, singer and actress.

Her Line's a World Famous French Line. But the question may be : why? no?

Well, guys, let me introduce you the VANESSA BRUNO BAG!

There are many, many, other versions of this bag with different colors. But Vanessa Bruno doesn't need to say thanks to anyone. Her Line's famous because of her bags, and not because a star wear them! The bag made her famous.
May I give some numbers? One Vanessa Bruno bag is sold every 10 minutes in the World. 
She stills have a 'Prêt-A-Porter' Line but you understood where she earns more money on her business! (However I don't remember the number, but I think it's like more than 50%)

Now, my personal point is... I have a Vanessa Bruno bag since almost one year. It costed me 240€ (about 320$), yes! I know it's a lot of money and please don't judge me, as a fashion victim I'm also aware about all the things we can do with all that money... But I don't even think it really worth. 
I'm not advertising and then giving a bad opinion, I don't feel influent enough to be a media or a person that makes you change your mind about this bag. I'm just showing!
And my real point is that there is a problem with these bags... the sequins! I used to go to school with these bags, like all the other girls... but after seeing the old ones of the other girls... I saw mine become like theirs. And so a lot of sequins are gone. So, if you like this bag and then you'll buy one, I can promise it's a good quality (expect the sequins!) so you'll have to be a bit careful, and if you don't like it... it's your opinion! :)

Now if you want to know more about the Line go to her official site :

Also, she's about to launch her very first fragrance called 'L'Eau' (which means 'water')

Now tell me what you think about Vanessa Bruno (and her bags)? :)



  1. I kinda like sequins :D
    So I like the bag.

  2. Great girls! Thanks for commenting btw, I still like the bag, but I really think that sequins are a problem!!!

  3. I have seen a few of her designs and her somewhere too.. Maybe it was a magazine. I think I like the look of her perfume I collect them :)

  4. Yeah, I really think she deserves that fame on magazines!!! And I'm excited about the perfume too! :)

  5. I have 2 different ones, I bought them online.
    They are REALLY good quality.

    -Kendall xo'