Monday, September 19, 2011

New Young Hollywood

There seems to be a new batch of Young Hollywood coming our way, something I picked up on purely by chance when searching for the latest hot buys cardigan. Upon further investigation, it's all but confirmed.

Click to enlarge.
A few decent items, but not as nice as some of the last ones in my opinion.

The most intriguing thing about these items is that they come without the usual amount bar (the one that indicates the amount of items left to buy). Perhaps this is because a very poor selection of what I think Stardoll were expecting to be a sell out collection still lingers - a bag here, an orange mesh skirt there, not to mention a top that looks like it was woven from reject Nicki Minaj/Lady Gaga wigs. Unfortunately, one thing the new items still come with are the usual extortionate prices. Oh well. Can't win them all...

What did you think about the first collection of Young Hollywood?
Are you looking forward to the new collection?


  1. I bought one of the dresses, it was really nice, but the bar seems to be up now. I really love some pieces but some I am not a big fan of.

  2. I loved the first Collection... But second... well, it's kinda poor,.
    Of course I bought ALL GaGa items, and I also bought other things, but I don't feel bad about having all of the store! :D
    It's not that great actually...