Thursday, September 8, 2011

Selena vs Perez.

Selena and Perez gets in a little fight, no big deal, doesn't bother me.
Posts on PSG, no worries.

Wannabe elites hating on Selena all because they love Perez. Now, don't get me wrong, I love both girls and I know that bullying is not on. But, what also isn't right, hating on Selena because Perez isn't happy with her. Yes, as I said, bullying isn't on but sucking up Perez's ass because she's popular is way off. If Selena was giving someone else the shits, they posted it on a blog, nobody would care.

Do you see how unfair that is? Yes I know PSG is a popular blog but should that matter? No. Yes, it's being more aware of harassment but it's just as stupid to hate the hater. I myself have done some pretty nasty things on Stardoll, of which I have made Selena aware of before. Never was I posted on Beg For More for it.

And never mind what I have done, the point is, I have made members uncomfy, I admit it but has anything happened to me? Yes, it would have been nice if Selena posted it and for the people wondering what happened to them, they would know what has happened. It might have been a bit heartless but Selena was there to listen. Will she use it against me? No.

Everyone can be bitchy, everyone makes mistakes.  I don't care what happened between them but can everyone give Selena a break. Everyone should calm the fluff down and just be aware that not everyone's perfect. If we all keep hating on everyone, I'm sure soon we will be as gorgeous as Donatella Versace, so keep it up! Anger and stress makes everyone beautiful.

And remember, I am taking nobodies but my own side and supporting for what I think is right.
Have a sook in the comments if you want.


  1. I love Selena, and Perez, too. I 100% agree with you :) hey, that rhymed!!!!! :D



  4. If the leak was that massive it would have been posted. Now stop trying to embarrass yourself and fuck off. Nobody wants to read your shit.