Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Fall At TTT...

**I am honestly so good at losing my banner. It took me about 20 minutes to find the thing**

Hey everyone! How are you all? Basically, my post today is just an update with everything TTT. As you can probably tell, Erica is quite quiet on the Stardoll scene. We all know of the recent news Erica had, so it's a hard time for her, understandably. We also have a new writer on the blog! Her name is Robyn and she's an amazing girl. I'm sure you might have seen her on other blogs, or you probably just know her for being the most genuinely nice person ever. So, welcome to the blog Robyn!

Another thing I want to discuss is a competition in the wraps. Any blossoming models here? This competition is for you! There will also be a massive competition in Deember. Prizes? Think big. REALLY BIG. And it's available for all you Non Superstars. Did that give it away? Leave your guesses in the comments on what the prize could be, maybe you'll get it. And what would you prefer? A competition or a raffle?

So, overall, there is quite a few things coming up here. There was originally meant to be a competition for every month, but we've all been so utterly busy that it's hard. Plus the fact that we aren't recieiving many entries. There will be a Halloween dressup competition, which should be really fun, so prepare for that in October. And there will be the huge competition nearer the end of the year too, which I have already explained. And TTT's Next Top Model? Sound like a plan? Who knows, could become reality very, very soon..

Have a good day. :)


  1. Featured as cg on a mag? :o

  2. Sounds really good!

  3. Thank you Amanda and Kim. Sounds like a plan, I love how much you have waiting to happen.

  4. I prefer competition over raffle.
    Then you know you actually deservethe prize.

  5. You should hire more writers to keep the blog more active!

    -Kendall xoxo