Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh, my, goodness!

Never, and I say never have I felt the rage I feel right now.
What does this look like to you?
It's a skinny assed, muscle defined model in a cage dress.
Now does she look fat? No? Think again because apparently, that's not the right answer.
No. She is fat. Thanks to the Anon with the poor guess of the designer's name. And Anon, I know you're reading this. Everyone else, you're all reading this too. Now, I'm not trying to advertise my graphics, though I could, I'm not. What I'm doing, if you don't realize is asking you all a question.
Are fat people worthy of torment from their body shape? Nope. Are fat people worthy of discrimination? Nope. Are fat people beautiful? Yes! Skinny people are no more beautiful than fat people! And it's about damn time that everyone smells the fucking roses. Now it would be a different story if the model was as skinny as Justin Bieber's naughty parts wouldn't it? She would be beautiful, wouldn't she?
On the inside maybe, but personally I think too skinny is disgusting. Their bodies look like old men with moobs. Yuck.
Now why Anon, this is your part to fill in. Why is fat so bad? Are you fat and ashamed? Are you skinny and jealous? Are you just upset I can make graphics and obviously you can't?
Whatever the reason you commented was because you're both scared of what people would think of you (hence the Anonymousness) and your definition of beauty is wrong.

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