Sunday, October 23, 2011

Style up your Halloween costume

I was looking at the Mcqueen spring/summer 2012 Couture collection, (aren't they stunning) and then while looking at the veils I thought, why not try something like that for Halloween.
 Halloween is a time where it is traditional to dress up, no matter what age you are. So maybe you are having trouble thinking what to dress up as or perhaps you want to try something a bit more pretty than grotesque. The veils are made from a few different materials, but if you get some lace, sequins and beads you could easily make up a 'mask' for the holiday.

You would be fashion forward, have a reason to wear this unusual style and look gorgeous, as well as mysterious in your veil. Then all you need to complete the look is some simplistic makeup,a floaty dress to match your veil and some killer heels. You could even add some glitter, a few sequins or stitch on some feathers to the shoes and dress until you get the look.(If you need any help on how to do these things, remember, Youtube must have a video for everything by now).

Why not look at a few other couture collections, your favourites old and new. You would have an edge over many other costumes at a party and would have reason to wear the styles you love.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Do you think you will be trying this?

p.s. Here are a few examples of other couture collections you may like to create...

Valentino ( big head pieces)

Dior ( Make a traditional kimono more high fashion)

Marchesa ( Tie dye)


  1. You got to love the Philip Tracy hats for Valentino! (:


  2. Aside from the usual sexy costumes I wear, I'd love to try that Kimono costume after picking from the 2012 Halloween costumes I've seen on the web.