Sunday, October 16, 2011

Write Us A Story! It's Compitition Time!

Hey everyone! As you may know, it's just about Halloween time and what better way to celebrate it than... Halloween stories!?!

Okay, so here are the rules:

You must be original!
You must include at least 3 members of the TTT staff
You must have it Halloween themed.
You must proof read it and make sure everything makes sense.
You must set it out like the example below.
You must write at least 2 paragraphs.

Wooldoor, 19 - Halloween Story.
This is my Halloween story. I hope you have had a terrible time reading this as it is very scary.
 The End.

Yes, I know there was a competition like this on SMW and I will be checking to see if anyone has copied someone's story. Don't think I wont, cause I will.
The winner will be featured in Monster's fourth issue.

You have until the 28th of October to get writing. We will not accept any late stories, no matter the excuse.
Good luck to everyone.

*Please note, my example is just to show how it should be set out. Please actually write a story.


  1. No stardollar prizes?

  2. Maybe. Most likely. Depends if I feel like giving out 150sds

  3. Looking forward to reading the response :) Nice idea.

  4. EssRox| 16 | Halloween Story
    I hope you like my Halloween story! It'll make you keep your door closed this Halloween! xx

    The Shape-Shifter of Halloween

    The air was musty and thick. The sky was dark apart from the tiny little stars which lit up the sky. Everywhere around you could hear things: the rustle of the trees, a dog barking and chasing a hissing cat up a tree and the soft sound of the breeze. It was a cool autumn night and the streets of New York were very quiet and softly illuminated which was strange as New York was usually a very busy area. In the distant on a hill, there was a young girl. She sat alone staring down upon the skyscrapers with no expression apart from a tiny glisten in her eye when she moved her head ever so slightly and the stars glittered in her eye. Within the blink of an eye, she vanished and the hill was bare once more.
    The end of October was a very busy yet exciting time. Decorations of skeletons, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, witches and wicked pumpkins were at every house along the street. Eliza Spears was looking especially forward to tonight as it was Halloween. The 19 year old hadn’t grown out of Halloween yet and had planned a party her friends on her Luxury Cruise La Dolcezza. She had a huge guest list including: Kimberly Dean, her Cousin; Chace Clark, her maths tutor who was incredibly good looking as intelligent; Amanda Lucy, her best friend; and Linus Leonardsson, her former boyfriend turned friend-with-benefits since the beginning of the year. In total, there was going to be over 150 guests to whom she only knew one quarter of.

    Eliza headed down to the pier at 6:30am keen to begin decorating the outside of the boat for the guests. Wearing her peach sweater, black denim jeans and a beige pair of UGGS®©, she carried a small box which contained fake blood, cobweb spray, mini laughing witches and a smoke machine. As she walked onto the pier, she noticed something was wrong. The Luxury Liner was not where it was meant to be and in its place was a small envelope which was addressed to her. She bent down into the water and picked it up noticing that although the envelope should have been wet, it wasn’t; it was as dry as if it wasn’t in water at all. She glanced around trying to see someone but with frustration she looked back down at the envelope in her hands and began to open it. The message read:

    Eliza, if you treasure your life source, you will come to Gloria Keals cafe` on 34th Street today at 12.30pm. If you do not come, I will assume that you do not value your life and I will proceed to the next task.

    Eliza stared blankly at the envelope. Life source, Gloria Keals, 12:30. If she went, who knew what was in store for her. Halloween, she thought, just some dumb stupid joke. I bet my father’s taken the boat out for a spin and will be back soon. She tossed the envelope back into the water, picked up her box and walked back home.

    In the distance, there stood a young girl on another pier. There was no expression on her face except for a small glisten in her eye from the sun’s rays. She stared down at the water where the envelope floated and a small, cruel smirk emerged on her face. With each passing second she began to laugh, louder and louder before turning around and walking towards Eliza’s house. Phase 2, she thought, it’s time she learnt a lesson.

  5. Cont.

    At exactly 12:30pm there was a knock on the Spears’ house. Eliza ran to open the door hoping it was Amanda ready to help with finding a new venue. Yet when she opened the door she was surprised to find a young girl with unruly light brown hair in plaits and a yellow rain coat with purple ballet flats.

    “Trick or Treat?” said the little girl whose skin was so pale the sun made her glow. Her voice sounded too mature for her age that it made Eliza take a step backward.

    “Sorry, we haven’t got anything yet. Come back tonight.” Eliza thought that would make the little girl return home yet she just stood there expressionless.

    “Trick it is then!” she said suddenly after a few seconds of silence. She grabbed Eliza by the arm and instantly Eliza felt dizzy and her legs began to buckle. When she hit the ground, she looked up at the young girl surprised to see her skin a more radiant colour, her hair glossy and her eyes sparkling. The girl let go of Eliza and stood there for a moment. A cruel expression came across her face.

    “Feeling dizzy? Going to pass out? Oh don’t worry. It won’t last too long. You’re going to the other side soon. I’ve taken your life source and only a small fraction of it remains.” The girl threw back her head laughing. Eliza began to put together the pieces slowly as her head was feeling very light.

    “You’re A aren’t you? What are you? Who are you?” Eliza looked at the girl with anger, confusion and wonder.

    “I am Aisling. I eat life sources to live and take on the person’s form. I’ve been called many names throughout time including a soul-stealer, life-abductor but more commonly, shape-shifter.” Eliza could feel herself slipping away. She wanted to lash out and attack Aisling but she knew she couldn’t do it. Slowly she closed her eyes and felt death reach out and pull her veil-thin soul out of her body. She drifted above her body slowly and listened to Aisling laugh hysterically.

    Eliza wasn’t going to give up. She willed herself to return to her body and that is exactly what she did. As soon as she returned to her body, she felt light and tingly. She was still weak but she needed to get Aisling and get her soul back.

    Eliza stood up weakly and faced Aisling with a determined look in her eye. She lashed out at her pulling her hair. Aisling pushed Eliza back into her house with supernatural strength. Immediately, Aisling began to smile. She started to laugh and then her laugh became a low-pitched growl. She bent down onto all fours and instantly her skin shed and there, on all fours stood a terrifying creature; the stuff of nightmares. A horned, spiked, clawed and hideous animal stood before Eliza. It looked like a combination of a lion, a dragon, a werewolf and a vampire.

  6. Eliza was petrified. Aisling began to smile and as she did, her fangs emerged and a long string of salvia fell to the ground. Eliza grabbed her mother’s favourite pot and tossed it at the animal. At first there was no reaction but then the creature stood up on its two hind legs and roared. It pounced forward at Eliza. She ran upstairs to her room slamming the door shut. Aisling knocked the door off its hinges and stared at Eliza directly in the eye. Eliza turned away from the creatures red eyes and jumped out the window into the tree in the front garden. Out of her pocket she pulled out her red laser and shone it at the creature. Immediately a sizzle irrupted from the beast and it let out a high pitched cry. With each passing second, the creature dissolved into the carpet of Eliza’s bedroom and within half a minute, there was only the yellow raincoat which Aisling first wore. Eliza sprang back into her bedroom and bent down to pick up the raincoat. She reached her hand into the single pocket and pulled out a single piece of paper which was just legible. It read:

    The one who touches an object of the beast will transform into it and take its place.

    Eliza began to feel the skin around her eyes bubble and her arms began growing hair immensely. She had the urge to get down onto all fours as her spine arched, twisted and turned.
    After 5 minutes of intense and excruciating pain, Eliza stood up and walked over to her mirror. In the mirror, Eliza looked the same as before apart from a few things. Her skin was pale, her hair was unruly and she had no expression on her face. There was a glisten in her eye due to the bedroom light above her.

    Out of the ordinary, Eliza’s stomach rumbled and she looked up at the mirror. Fangs emerged from her mouth biting into her bottom lip. “Supper time,” she said. “Time for some soul.” She licked her lips and headed out the front door prepared to scare the children of Halloween.

    The End.