Sunday, November 6, 2011

Foreign Culture

When I was younger, about six to eleven, I had always planned to go live in Tokyo, Japan or Hong Kong in China when I was older. However, after my first trip back to America in 10 years I feel in love with it and I supposed I would move there and pursue a career in teaching and writing. Recently I have found a passion for Asian culture again and wish I could speak Korean or Mandarin Chinese. ( I may try to learn it, but it will be really hard on my own).
make up for MGPIN make up styling.

This lead me to take a look at the Spring/Summer Fashion Week in Beijing (China), which finished just a few days ago. The Fashion week, which lasted for ten days, doesn't include many of the well known brands we would look out for, but focuses on designers closer to home and helps them get their brand into the spotlight.  
This is helping designers in China sell garments and it also helps with the fabric industries, that although making many of the worlds clothing demands, get a small fraction of the profit.

 Another interesting fact was that there were a very large number of male collections on the catwalk. These featured clothes that were practical, but the women's wear was much more elaborate and Haute Couture. The models had smiles in many cases and struck fun poses, something not often seen in other fashion weeks.

I am not sure if it appears this way to anyone else, but to me the clothes have quite a different style to clothes seen in New York, Paris, Milan and London.  There is a large focus on big skirts, gold detailing and oriental patterns. It is nice to see this seasons fondness for hats is evident there too. In many you can see where designers have stayed true to Asian styles, but many have a modern twist.

Sorry I didn't realize how long this post was becoming. Thank you very much for reading.

What is your favourite fashion week? What is your opinion on the clothes and collections?

Deng Hao's 2012 Hate Couture collection


  1. Firstly; I rather have New York Fashion Week, because the designers there pay more attention to the detailing. I'm not a huge fan of London Fashion Week. Last season most of the collections looks as if it was put together by little children. But now that you say it, and showed us images I quite like their style. I'll be sure to Google more Asian Fashion Designers.

  2. I am very glad this post made you think to look. I am not sure what my favourite fashion week is, I will have to look into that,

  3. Wow! I actually never really looked at Asian styles... I mean, I'm french, so I like Paris Fashion Week...
    But, I actually like this! And you explain it so good! :)

  4. Quite coutureish, I believe New York Fashion Week is pretty good but sometimes the collections just feel like clothes and not fashion. I like when a outfit expresses itself and of course the person wearing it.