Thursday, December 29, 2011

The fashion detective: He's the prettiest girl.

 After seeing myself on the inactive list of writers today, I felt pretty ashamed and therefore decided to finish the post I started a few days ago. I hope that some remember my very own segment called 'The fashion detective', but I'm guessing you don't. So I will pretty much write about everything involved with fashion, if there are things you want me to address just tell me in the comment section!

 Soo, I'm pretty sure all of you guys, at least the ones who are involved in fashion have heard about Andrej Pejic. He recently shot the cover and an editorial for FASHION Magazine. I thought that it was kinda fun to see him in these pictures, especially while reading the quotes. He seems to be enjoying his life as the most androgynous model ever[??] and doesn't take himself too seriously about the fact that he is modeling women's wear.

Here are some pictures from Frebruary's issue:

He recently started controversy after he landed a campaign for a Hema. Doesn't sound as spectacular, huh?! But it is a campaign for ... Pushup bras...!!
I was pretty shocked after I heard about it. I mean, I love him and I think he is one of the most amazing models nowadays. I just love his pictures. But Push up bras? Seriously?!
And that isn't all: He said that his biggest dream would be to walk for no other brand than Victoria's Secret!
Without giving away too much of my opinion I want to ask you guys what you think about all of it. Is it too much when a man sales clothes for women? Would it be as bad if it was the other way round? And could you imagine him walking next to Adriana Lima and co. ?

Tell me in the comments!


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