Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the Subject of LE...

 (Yes, this is my old banner. Kind of prefer this one, not too sure...)

I was just wondering...
Is this the slowest ever selling out collection? (Excluding LE Decor.)
After all, the collection usually sells out in a lot less than 24 hours, this one has been out for 4 days and still has numerous items remaining, 3 of which being clothes. I definitely prefer the idea of just having clothes in one collection; and decor in the other. Because after all, if it is a mixed collection, people tend to the purchase the clothes, and totally forget, or don't even realise, that there is random pieces of furniture in the background.

I'm really not surprised this collection isn't selling out though. Some of it is really badly made, I like some things, but quite a few are tacky. Then it's overpriced. 120 for an ugly pair of gold boots? 120 for an ugly lamp? 200 FOR A GLOWING UNICORN?! And then 100 for a tiny lion statue? Even the interiors are cheaper than that!

What happened to all the clothes being as amazing as this...?

-Over and out,
Kimberly Dean.


  1. I went 'IKR?!?!?' throughout your whole post xD I just totally agree with you! Crappy crappy LE!

  2. It's too shit. They need LE Louis Vuitton