Saturday, December 3, 2011

The people's competition-Results

Thank you all who entered the competition, your entries were all amazing and it was tricky to choose who to put in what position.  I am afraid that pasion_katii your tinypic had stopped working, but if you want to leave a new link below and I think it is worthy I will give you a prize. I loved the emotions and thought you told me you put into your entries and in the end I had to go with the entry that moved me the most.

In first place we have Princess_Kiara . This is her entry and what she had to say about it...

What "inspired" me:
My graphic has a clear message, I don't think that any additional caption is needed. Basically it's about self harm - many people who are bullied, rejected, or anyhow unhappy with themselves or their life, are self harming, injuring, however you'd call it. They keep it a secret, and keep on doing it - as time goes by, their cuts are getting deeper(they're cutting deeper). They hope that the physical pain will make the mental one fade away, but it never happens. I've gone through all I wrote here, I was keeping it a secret, untill my mom found bloody tissues, and I had to tell her about it. It wasn't the best thing ever to do, but it probably saved my life. This is why I think self harm isn't the right way to deal with such pain. People should speak about their problems to someone they trust, instead of releasing the pain with cutting. Also in the same time, I think it's very wrong to think that cutters belong to the emo subculture. Some may, but not all do. Emo as a stereotype, label,... makes you pretty much a social reject, words can hurt too.

Not only was your entry beautifully made and represent exactly what you were saying, the story behind it was inspirational and you had put real time into it. 

In second place we have  MMAlovergirl

and in third place _starhelen_

Please contact me in my guestbook and I will put up your prizes for you. Kiara you get first choice and can tell me which item you would like, they are in my closet room. 

Thank you to Fiorama, lolLara123, angel28790 and cutesueellen for entering. You all have so much talent and I am sure we will be seeing more of it.


  1. Amazing!!!
    I love your posts and ideas Robyn

  2. I'm glad I got mentioned! I hope some of you liked the tutorial I put up. :)

  3. Wow, thank you O_O
    And btw, I'm Princess_Kiara1 :)

  4. OH and my name's Nika, not Kiara, haha.

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  6. They're all wonderful! Congratulations! :D

  7. Thankyou anyway ! and well done all of you girls you did a great job. COngrats to the winners