Sunday, December 18, 2011

Posh Winter Spoiler

Hey guys, here's Chace!
Today I post without a banner because I want all attention to be on the new spoiler of Posh Magazine.
It's for the next Winter Issue that will be released around next January or February!
Here you are:

Check it out here!

Do you like it? - Are you excited for the next issue? - What do you think will be featured?


  1. Have you ever posted here anything NOT about your magazine?

  2. I have indeed and if there was some more news about stardoll, I would post about it. The only problem is, that there ain't no news!
    But you got a point. I try to post more often, so I can write about other stuff. But at the moment I'm pretty busy with school and creating my mag, so I don't have time to write big articles.

  3. I like it, although I wish that there was a medoll on the spoiler.

  4. I hope its less like a copy of Eternity... New style I hope new format I want to see something original and High def.

  5. (I deleted the conversation between a stupid anon person and me, because I actually did handle the situation the wrong way. Anyway, if the anonymous wants to comment her/his opinion again, feel free)