Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Want LE Back...

The superiority of Limited Edition has slowly been deteriorating for a while now, with the last collection being fatally dismal. Heck, it hasn’t even sold out yet and it’s now a month or so since its release... 200 stardollars for a glowing pink unicorn? No thanks.

It’s not just the quality of the graphics nowadays despite the fact that they are horrendous, it seems as though Stardoll is trying to make Limited Edition costume-like.

Remember seasons 1-5? 

They were all about creating stylish, chic and current items and looks for the more ravishing stardoll users who were well equipped with stardollars and willing to splash out on dangerously expensive items.

What I would personally love to see though is an LE Basics Collection... A simplistic collection full of must-have items that is graphically-designed to perfection and priced fairly. Little black dresses, daring platforms, maybe a bit of LV sprinkled here and there?

Stardoll focuses on the originality of the designs  far too much nowadays with Limited Edition, which therefore means that the graphics are lacking and that’s what I want to see back. Please Stardoll?


  1. Completely agree! Couldn't have said better myself. A Limited Edition basic collection with great graphics would probably sell out in no time, regardless of the prices. I would definitely splurge on timeless pieces from LE.

  2. You make a true statement here. LE isn't focusing on high fashion anymore, they just are overpricing hideous 'lamps as shirts' designs... ugh, now that you mention it, LE was nicer for the first couple of rounds.

  3. Agreed! The new LE looks as if it's targeted stardoll members are the youngest ones, nowadays. Scratch that, even a 10 year old wouldn't dare wear a single piece of that collection out in public!

  4. i agree, all le would have sold out in a asecond a few years back, this one is a different story!

  5. The pastel flowers collection (one before this horrendous elf fashion show) was actually quite nice, but in general, LE is getting worse with every collection. The idea to mix LE clothing and interior in one shop just like Antidote definitely was not good, too. I do hope stardoll will open their eyes after this not-so-successful collection and create something better, simplier, and preferably with no ugly interior pieces.

  6. I agree! Stardoll expect us to spend our precious stardollars on shitty items like these? No way! In fact I found your LE basics idea really interesting.

  7. I'd also love to see some man clothes xD

    But the main problem is that people still buy the clothes, even if they look as crappy as hell.

    Somebody should start a revolution with blog, a plan and the will to put much time in this, so stardoll gets the problem!

  8. My biggest problem with LE is that they do not fit my doll. If I cover up my doll's left breast, then the right hip shows. I don't understand it.

    As for your idea of classics, I say bring them on!! (But only if they fit the way they're supposed to fit!)

  9. Mens clothes would be awesome. One floor of Mens and 3 floors for Womens would be amazing.

    & about the LE fit issues!
    I know right! 150+ stardollars is awful for clothes that don't even fit some of the time.

  10. If they really care about the money they could increase those fucking prices higher but at least make the items rare again (because I do not consider them rare anymore) and bring us back the true beauty of LE items, I mean now they look more like freebies than something that I would pay 150 sd for. They could hire some Stardoll users as graphic designers or I don't know... because most of well-known graphic designers are way better than the ones who create those shops in Starplaza.