Sunday, January 15, 2012

TTT: Now Hiring!

Top apply just fill out this simple application form below and post to the comments section of this post!
The current writers will still be writers, we are just looking to expand the team even further.

The application form is easy, all we need is your name, SD username and then a sample post/article about what you would like to see in the Spring trends of 2012! Get going...

Applications are closed once 4-8 new writers are found.

Stardoll Username:
Sample Article:

And just a little treat for you all...


  1. Name: Chloe Davis
    Stardoll Username: Rhfcjnrf
    Sample Article:

    The white lace dress; feminine, dainty, and chic. Although this mini was never unstylish, it will be seen everywhere, especially since runways have gone crazy with the all-white outfit. It can be worn anywhere, from casual lunch out with friends or a dinner date if you dress it up with heels and bright makeup.

    Make it your own! Is your style...
    Punk Rocker: Wear it with black combats, stud earrings and a cropped black leather jacket, sleeves rolled up to the elbows off course!
    Boho: Down-to-earth sandals should pair this dress. Neutral colored feather hair extentions would make this look pop.
    Vintage: Add in some loafers or oxfords, then put on some circle 70's shades! Complete this look by adding a small braids to your hair, and then combine that into a pony-tail.


  2. Name: Amy Patrick

    Stardoll Username: oddball99

    Sample Article :

    Denim jackets are the perfect way to complement almost any casual outfit. They come in almost any colour, although the most common is the traditional blue denim. These work perfectly for spring, as they are stylish yet warm enough to ward off any cool spring weather. These can come in many different styles, including short, long, buttons, zippers, pockets, and many other styles. Trendy denim jackets are perfect for pairing with a pair of tight fitting skinny jeans, a pair of fashion boots, a hobo style bag, and a cami. Men could wear it as a coat, although it doesn't come in as many styles for men. I think the denim jacket is an amazing accessory to any casual outfit, and I would love to see it become a fashion trend for Spring 2012.

  3. Name: Kasey Noelle
    Stardoll Username: Martusia_144
    Sample Article:
    I've written some excerpts from stories I've written on , although I have some minor posts on
    Extravagance Stardoll.

    Here's an article I've written for a blog which was previously open. It's on graphics and their importance in the Stardoll Virtual society.

    On word that comes to my mind with that thought are is graphics. They are an essential part of our virtual society.
    From the latest Magazines to fashion lines hitting the blogs, they allow an artistic medoll to incorporate their creativity and fashion along with the site they like or love.
    (I'd include pictures here such as Style magazine's first cover or more recent things like Femme)
    To the designers, or leaders of a fashion group, they can hire a graphic designer to get their point across to Stardoll about their designs.
    (I'd insert a fashion line picture here)
    Of course it doesn't end there. People create graphics to describe their feelings in which a medoll can't. They would add details to a graphic which Stardoll doesn't offer or allow them to do on the website.
    (Detailed medoll picture inserted here)

    Stardoll graphics are necessary in our virtual lives. They aren't just doodles and sketches, their real and raw emotion mixed within a virtual picture.

    (of course this is just a basic article. Most of mine are more detailed. I can write about anything you want or need me to.)

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  5. Name: Lige Scene
    Username: Lige07
    Sample Article:
    Sparking interest....

    Kharma Fashion Week vs. TTT Fashion Weekend, which will be the next early 2012 SFW? 
    The two fashion weeks were announced towards the end of last year, TTTFW was supposed to be in late December, but now it seems to be post poned, whilst KFW is in late february. I decided to have a chat to Bruno ..... 
    KFW will be showing the newest and brightest labels this february. KFW will also be showcasing some surprise lables which have been in all secrecy. And perhaps POSH might showcase some of the best labels/outfits from this week. 

    Sounds very interesting. 
    Competing fashion weekend is TTTFW (today's top trends fashion weekend) and is hosted by Kimberly (xxlovexx). Not too much has been revealed from the opposing organizer. 

    But, who will get to replace SFW for 2012 overall? Perhaps KFW? Maybe IW? Or even TTTFW? 

    IW?? You might be thinking.... ICON WEEK is in Late June/ early July - and will be showcasing some daring fashionhouses, with astonishing collections. And will have an awards night to (known as ICONic Awards). Even with a spread in Muse?
    But is SFW even over? I decided to do some research..... 
    "SFW s/s '11 was a fail" says SFW organizers. But will KFW, TTTFW or IW even be as good as that ? Reading on it says that there will be a SFW this year. But has much else been reviled? Not as of yet. 

    Strap those platforms, straighten your ties, for the biggest year in stardoll fashion history.... Coming soon

    Love Lige... 

    This post was for my blog : ICON - link:

  6. dizz is my application, kay? sinze kim, i luv u gir

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    unser- tew_r0yal


    Tah Booty

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  7. omg dei amazing applicaation ur hired!!!!!!! xoxo

  8. name: gladis



    ok hire me or i will cut all ur ears put ur hands up UR HANDFS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox muthafukagossipgirlw

  9. Name: Jillian Rebekah
    Stardoll Name: kellyhi
    Sample Article: (From SFD Fashion Review Post):

    Hello stardollies! Jillian here. I just wanted to have a lovely review of the new tributes! As many of you know the Chanel Tribute first opened back in mid 2010. But it was a pleasant surprise to see that the Starplaza now has the Chanel Holiday Tribute! I find this collection very winter-esk and totally appropriate to carry the elegant label of Chanel. From a simple tweed cardigan to the extravagant shoulder dresses, this tribute definitely holds a chic and timeless look. I would definitely recommend this collection to any fashion collectors or Chanel lovers! Altogether the prices are pretty reasonable. The items range from 4 to 35 stardollars. (about the average of the first Chanel Tribute). For me I would give this a 8.5 out of 10 stars! It most certainly is lovely, but perhaps a little bit on the "already seen" side. What are your thoughts of this new store? Did you think that the standard was up to par with the original?

  10. Name: Amanda O'Neill
    Stardoll Username: Blahm3
    Sample Article:
    I write everything and anything about fashion. I have a successful Fashion blog, and also a very successful Fashion Line. And recently I have started a new Fashion critique blog.




  11. Name: Kat
    Username: pinktwilight101
    Sample Article:

    The short black miniskirt. That's all I need to say. Pair it with neutral colored blouse, colorful tee, anything! It can go with literally any style. Classy, feminine, rocker, everything! Wear it to a prom, dinner, party, even out with your friends. It's been the fashion icon for a very long time.

    Can you wear it in all seasons? Technically, YES! In the cold winter, layer up and wear some leggings and stockings with tall boot. Spring, no problemo! Don some suede heels and walk out in style. Summer, it may be a bit hot, but you can still get some flip flops on with a flouncy mini. Fall, probably the best time to wear it. Grab a dark denim jacket and some moccasins or loafers and stay classy and chic! :)


  12. Name: Manny
    Stardoll Username: Aurelieke92
    Sample Article:
    Ah, Spring! Those times when I try and replace my Louboutins with sweet Kate Spade flats. Well, just kidding, I don't own Louboutins, but i Do own the Kate Spade Flats!Spring is the time when we metaphorically and literally "Let out hair down". We get the aura of being Easy, Breezy, and just plain Peaceful. Sheer tops, loosly-Structured Dresses, and Floral Print Rompers can be the epitome of a perfect Spring Day. Even thogh it may just be the end of Winter, sweaters can still be considered to be "In Style". No, don't wear Grandma's homemade Wool Sweater; Light pastels and Lacey sweaters can be considered to be fresh for your picnic, or a pleasant luncheon with friends or family. Makeup should be Au Natural, and hair should fall freely. Unless you're like me and you "work the Updo", in that case, high ponytails or loose side braids can make your look.

    Just remember, Spring is the time to be light and Airy. And with that bit of Advice for you, i take my leave!

  13. Name: Jennifer
    Stardoll Username: mileykent
    Sample Article:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Name: Sara
    Stardoll Username: sarabear123
    Sample Article:
    (Sorry for the link. I didn't want to post it in here and I had no where else to post it.)