Monday, March 12, 2012

7 DAYS: 700SD.


700 Stardollars in 7 Days

Yes that's right! TTT are offering you a chance to win 100SD each day starting from today (12th March 2012) just from posting your name in the comments. This is all part of the new TTT makeover and what blog makeover is complete without a good old raffle, eh? So remember to get your name down in comments now if you want to have a chance to win 100 stardollars.

Winners for the first days raffle will be announced tommorow. And then each days winner will be announced and so forth. REMEMBER:Commenting on this post is ONLY for today's raffle. If you want to enter for the next days you must put a comment on the post of that days, which would be announcing the winner from the day before. I hope that doesn't sound confusing, but go ahead and enter in the comments!
~Reece and Kimberly