Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty Parlour Update


I cannot be the only one who finds it exceedingly annoying when you do your makeup ever so well aside from one blemish, but have to remove it all so you can correct that mistake. Worry no more, Stardoll has added a new feature which enables you to remove one specific part of your makeup by the simple click of a button. 

As the image represents, you can see that Stardoll has really taken criticism about this on the chin. They haven't just given us an option to remove eye makeup, lip products and blushes.. They have given us choices to remove eyebrow pencil, mascara, liner and eyeshadow for both eyes and then an option to remove both lipstick and/or liner. There is also a tab where you are able to remove blush products, but I didn't have any blusher on hense the reason why the button did not show up.

Over all I think this is a great addition to the Stardoll beauty parlour and now making one little shadow or liner stain won't become a total hindrance. What do you think of this new add-on?  ~Kimberly


  1. FINALLY it was about the time to finally let us choose which part of make-up we wanna remove. definitely love this.

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  3. Great! We used to have the option before to remove all of the eye makeup alone or all of the lip makeup alone or all of the blusher alone or all the makeup but that's even better! Finally stardoll staff are looking at some of the complaints stardollians send to them! :D

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  5. I'm in love with this feature!