Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doll Of The Year (16-12)

Aislin Victory is one of the most talked about Stardollians of 2011. She was known originally for her blog ElitesExposed but is now managing the highly popular Medoll Memoires. Although Aislin has taken a step down from running numerous fantastic projects, she is still shining above.

Kasia was a huge elite during the early years of the Stardoll. Known most recently for her risky and flamboyant stardesign items, such as the ever so scandalous 'tit dress'. Her designs have been in demand for many of stardolls users and dolls display them proudly in their suites.

Juicy-much is a relatively well known blogger. Although she only arised sometime last year onto the user-made blogging scene she has certainly made a name for herself. She has won writing competitions all around Stardoll. Juicy-much=14th.

Eamonn is a 16 year old boy from Ireland and he has certainly made his mark on Stardoll. Taking ownership of Today's Top Trends in early 2011 was his first step to success on stardoll... Later owning numerous successful projects and abandoning a few along the way. He now owns Eamonn Collins which debuted at TTT-FW and his modelling agency, also self-titled.

Everybody knows Selena. Whether you like her or not you cannot deny that she has achieved plenty during her days on Stardoll. Selena boosted to fame with her then anonymous blog, Hunnigall for Stardoll, more commonly known as Beg For More, and has taken up many writing positions for PSG. She has been hated among the interface of Stardoll many times, but now that Selena has taken a more relaxed approach to Stardoll she is recieved well all round.

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  1. Interesting, I wonder who will make the top. Well done everyone.