Sunday, March 4, 2012

Doll Of The Year 2011 (20-17)


Coming in 20th is the wonderful To_Royal. Deidra is a pleasant stardoll member and is well known for her contibutions to many famous blogs. As well as owning one of the most famous award shows here on Stardoll, The Classique Awards, Deidra is also a true fashionista. Her outfits are daring and creative and her looks truly unforgettable. Deidra certainly deserves a place on this list.

In my opinion, this girl deserves an outstanding contribution to Stardoll award. Noelle created, along with Isabella, one of the biggest blogs of all time and will forever be rememberd as a pioneer of Stardoll. Good luck in life Noelle, you certainly deserve it!                                                                                          

Elle is a 15 year old girl with a heart filled with fashion.. She is highly recognisable as one of the top models on Stardoll and has had a huge modelling past. As well as modelling for many famous brands and magazines, she has also taken on some extraordinary modelling competitions, winning many.

From one model to the next... Melinda is one of the most successful models on Stardoll ever, winning so many competitions that it's getting hard to count. Although she may be uber successful in the modelling past-time, she is also a talented writer and an amazing person in general. 18th, you deserve it.


  1. I think those who are less active & those on a break or deleted accounts should not be included in this. It wouldn't mean anything to them anyway, they're no longer intrested in stardoll. TO_ROYAL wins this round as the most active, you hardly see members from 2006/07 that active. Although I've never heard of ROCKINELLEE or NAIMA.

  2. They all look so pretty, well done.