Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Flight to Excellence

Striving for excellence has always been my forte. I've tried many times to achieve greatness, however the majority of the time, I've barely struggled out of the bottom. Cracking the lid to success is just one of my many difficulties, though that's what keeps my untamed dreams alive.

Some of you may know me, though its probably safer to suggest I'm just another name you've probably looked past. I go by the name of Lindsey Le'Vogue, or LoveGossip4life on stardoll. To be quite honest, I was completely shocked when I was asked to contribute to Today's Top Trends, its one of my favorite blogs, and never has failed to disappoint. I hope to write to the best of my abilities, as it is one of my only outlets where I feel my opinions are appreciated.

If I may say so myself, I'm that type of girl who is afraid to speak my mind, and with more than 800 other voices to suggest their thoughts, its a bit mind-wrecking. Like I've mentioned, I feel as if writing is a way to speak my real thoughts, not what comes out of my mouth (I'm the quiet, shy girl, if you ask me...).

Anyways, I hope to dazzle you all, as I am so excited to finally stress what's going on within stardoll. I'm very excited to finally be recognized for what I'm told, my gift of writing.