Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Limited Edition: Review

Today came the long-awaited 13th collection of Limited Edition.

It is a hawaiian type collection. It is based mainly of pastel colours and lots of items that look like they could have been pulled straight from the beach, though not a couture beach I must say. Being completely honest, I feel as though some items looked as though they were Monster High but the look of the store really pulled that back.

Floor 1 - Prices ranging from 30 - 200 stardollars.
The store design was inspired by the Chanel Spring 2012 runway which you could buy in the suite shop for 100sd. It wasn't limited though which is a major setback, as you would expect something of 100 stardollars to atleast be slightly limited.

There was a minor glitch with the shop as only a few hours after original release the store was removed, items gone from search and the new section and available to sell in the starbazaar. This was later fixed and with the returnal of the store came better looking mannequins and a few other small changes.

Floor 2 - Prices once again ranging from 30 - 200 stardollars.
 Although I love the look of the store, I can't help feeling it looks a tad cluttered. I'd love to see the next collection with better spread out mannequins. And take note Stardoll; the store looks so much nicer when the mannequins are posed! I also love it when the store actually looks like a shop. I did love the interiors last collection, but I prefer it when the store actually does look like one.

The quality of the clothes are pretty good compared to the previous collection. It still cannot be compared to the first five editions but is a definite improvement from the last. As I mentioned before, some items look like Monster High rejects. This collection definitely reminds me of season 2 and season 11 although a bit sluttier, dare I say. Take the second look on floor two for example, it would look so much better being an all in one dress rather then the three pieces that it is (top, belt and skirt).

Floor 3 - Prices ranging from 25 - 200 stardollars.
The clothes aren't actually very limited this season. The most limited item, to my knowledge, is the McQueen inspired Sea Blue Sequin Purse (55sd) with 1150 pieces. I do hope that Stardoll realises the fact behind the stores not selling as fast as they used to... Too many items and too many of them!

Almost as dresses had prices marked between 150 - 200 stardollars. The shoes and bags really stood out this collection with almost all being inspired by McQueen. There was also some animated items which looked as though they had some sort of sea breeze blowing over them.

Floor 4 - Prices ranging from 40 to 200 stardollars.
 If this collection was a tiny bit smaller, better laid out in the store and had less Monster High lookalike pieces and more all in ones it would be seriously great. I am the first to admit it, LE has lost it's charm, edginess and elegance... but at the end of the day there are still some pretty darn nice pieces!

It has been around 4 hours since original release and four items are sold out so far. See what I mean? I bet atleast 1/4 of this collection would have sold out if there were less pieces. That is all for my review of Limited Edition, what are your thoughts on the collection?
My own Limited Edition Showroom

~Kimberly Dean,


  1. everyones gonna be wearing the same cloths I have :C NOT SO LIMITED but wut eva i aint even mad~

  2. I only really liked two pieces. The rest were to meh for me. I loved the first seasons of LE and the 11th season as well. I don't know. I think Stardoll has run out of ideas....

  3. Stardoll's LE collections are getting worse, and worse... You can't compare the LE back from 2008 and 2009 up to now.

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