Monday, March 12, 2012

Lipstick; Ready For A Return?

After a long wait it seems as though Lipstick may finally be making a comeback!

The magazine released it's last full issue back in January of 2011, and after a hiccup with the cover of the futuristic issue leaking Lipstick has made no return. I was recently at Lizs' page and decided to leave her a little guestbook enquiry, look what I found out...

Lipstick is indeed making a return sometime!
I do not know when and Laura did not say,
so all we can do know is play the waiting game.


  1. Ahaha I thought you literally meant lipstick.... can't wait... (: but really, a lot of people aren't using lipstick's on Sd or just using the nudes.

  2. I thought you meant lipstick too, as in lip-stick! x) I'm so excited. There will be some competition between 'Lipstick' and 'FEEME' ;D

  3. Love the new banner. Well done.