Thursday, March 15, 2012

Number 13

This cover came as a lightning from a nowadays so vague fashion heaven. Only yesterday we could admire beautiful Thomas Sottong on the cover of the latest issue of Acne Paper - No. 13. AP is known for its thimatical issues, and for this time a theme which is a constant part of our lives, unlike the issue before this one's youth-theme, was picked - the body. 

This is what editor in chief, Thomas Persson, says about this issue: “We were interested in looking at the body from an artistic angle, one that is broader than the general representation of the human form in magazines today. I find that we are so obsessed with modern, rather boring beauty ideals, the perfectly chiseled, impersonal bodies often lacking in humanity, history, and a life lived. So we wanted to look at the human form as an inspiration beyond that.”
A few weeks back we were all presented to the A/W 2012 collection of Acne. Strange proportions, new shapes and vivid colours were the leading factors of it. In fact, these factors were all influenced below one main influence - the body. Acnestudios are certainly under inspiration of our anatomy. Let's see what that leads to in the future, shall we?

But back to the magazine. The cover was shot by Julia Hetta and the entire issue can be sneaked on here. Personally I find Acne Paper to be one of few refreshing stick ups in an otherwise so mainstreamed range of fashion magazines. What do you think?

- Linus


  1. that cover is really pretty. i really appreciate the beauty of the human body i don't think enough people really realise how beautiful and well structured it is. a human body is so strong yet to delicate and fragile and no two bodies are the same and each have imperfections and that's what makes them perfect

  2. Totally agree with Jack

  3. that guy in that pic is fucking hot i want to blow him all night long...