Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Love Hate Relationship With Stardoll

The blogging world allows us to freely express our opinions on stardoll without having to deal with the sensory of curse words, or even words that stardoll thinks is bad. It also allows us to write more than 250 words (the limit amount of characters per guestbook comment), and use pictures other than the ones we took with our dolly-camera. With these limits on stardoll, you'd be sure long gone, but quite frankly, that's the complete opposite.

Why do we stay on this one website beyond many others? Its simply because we all truly hate stardoll. Multiple protests rage across stardoll daily, allowing us to dislike what stardoll is doing. The example I've provided to the right (if I may recall, it is made by the lovely hrly) shows just how much effort we put forth into creating brilliant graphics, campaigns, and movements just to show our absolute disapproval of stardoll. Its even believable enough that is makes our immune system sick of stardoll's actions. Our hate is directly sent to the headquarters of stardoll, and there we let them know we want change. It even gets serious enough that we threat to leave their site. But do we go through with it? Why of course not. We put even more effort into creating change until we see stardoll has finally've decided to do something about their "awful" ideas.

Denying you hate stardoll is just useless. We've all came to the point where we feel in our darkest hours, but obviously since we're all still here, never have stopped logging onto stardoll. The problem has yet to be diagnosed, its still agreeable for some reason we hate stardoll so much that we can't stop loving it.


What makes this site so irresistible? It might be our hate, or just the undeniable addiction we have to dressing up our virtual medolls, and buying the latest furniture collection to make your suite look amazing. Anger seizes to grab a hold of our attention, only allowing residents of dollywood to expect better. I'm not afraid to admit I have true hate towards stardoll, yet it gives me a fight to get justice. The example I've provided off on the left (made by yissy123) shows the true passion we have towards hating stardoll, yet that's what keeps the site alive. We all hate stardoll, one way or another, though some may not even realize it, but that's the real reason why we are still on stardoll.

And to end this post on a shy note,
I've provided an image that'll raise your spirits more than what the pictures worth. *wink



  1. i'm just blog walking and very surprise when we stopping here, cause you has a beautifull blog. Congratz.

  2. My goodness I couldn't agree more with this post! I feel like I am constantly loving and hating stardoll at the same time!

  3. I think that if these sources were not available (blogs, model agencies etc), people would leave stardoll, it's not stardoll we love, we love stardoll's sources.

  4. The relationship we have with stardoll is indeed a love-hate relationship. However, I don't think I stay on stardoll because I hate it as you stated, but because I love to change my doll's outfit, decorate my suite and because I'm connected to my friends of stardoll.
    But it is indeed weird that we love Stardoll and hate it at the same time. I feel so too o_O

  5. People do leave stardoll, take long breaks or abandon their accounts, examples are blog writers, readers & owners. If you check some blogs from 2008 till now, you'll find most of them have left or gone on a long break. Stardoll attracts more members & keeps some older ones because they update their features regularly but they do annoy me sometimes with their decisions.

  6. Yes .. the bad thing is that it is so addicting. I have to log in avery day to see my messages .. ://


  7. I do agree with the fact that we have a love-hate relationship with Stardoll and I don't like everything they do, but I don't think this is wholly accurate. You've got to see the good in Stardoll, too - I feel like because we see so many bloggers being so negative (myself included), we feel like we have to see Stardoll is evil, too, just to fit in.

    The reason why they keep putting out things like "Megastar" and the "Alpine Chalet" is to make money, and we all hate it because we feel like it's a personal insult, but it's not. We bitch and moan, like we're being forced to buy Superstar, and that's simply ridiculous - we do it because we love what they offer, which is a form of expression, through our suites, through our clothes, through our albums. Stardoll is a business, and a business' first priority is to make money.

    (It's also worth noting that the vast majority of the users on Stardoll aren't exposed to blogging and our twisted idea of what Stardoll is - those are the customers they primarily target, I'd imagine)

    I don't stay on Stardoll because I hate it, I stay because yes, I do get a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from building and rebuilding my suite. From arranging my wardrobe and my shoes, to the thrill of buying something I never would have the chance to in real life from the Starbazaar - in "Dollywood", I can be anybody I want to be, and that's a beautiful thing!

    There are plenty of reasons that Stardoll is good, and there are plenty of things that Stardoll do that are bad - we're just blinded by the hate of others, through articles like this, to make them "evil."

    Great post though, it's quite thought provoking, as you can see! I'm sorry about the length of this, but yeah, I had to get it out. :D

  8. I like sites which include fashion, interior decor, design & salon / makeup & stardoll is one of them. I partly agree with ForeverGorgeous / Lana in terms of making profits because most of these game developers & sites run out of funds eg. some facebook apps are abandoned due to high costs & lack of funds. Stardoll keeps it's members (some) by updating their website & adding new features regularly & also members are willing to spend money because they know the game will be around for a while unlike the facbook apps & some sites that are unpredictable.

  9. One thing that makes me REALLY hate stardoll is all the fame obsession ppl and especially with CG and NCG ,catwalk ,MSW ect ect. Everyone in stardoll just wants that piece of worthless gold ,some ppl don't even deserve it! But if their own hard work like designing has got them famous in stardoll than that's the kind of ppl I like to see winning not some advertise freak that goes around annoying others just to win

    Another thing I HATE about stardoll is how prices are
    rising up....can't stardollars and starcoins stay the same like rite now? But one day probably a hotbuy is 100sd ==

    Last thing I hate about stardoll is

  10. I'm agree a bit. I know, you can do nothing if U R not a superstar
    Every little girl wants to be a fashion diva, so her parents are paying for her joy. Is that right? Nope! I don't think so. Stardoll takes lots of money from parents, children and other persons.
    It's so unfair for simple members! You can't buy nice clothes, make beautiful album and apartment. You can only buy ugly outfits, live in a small apartment and make stupid sceneries. Is that ok?
    I think nope! The administration fucked up all members.
    I don't love stardoll. Its meaningless is stupid, like all the members on stardoll. Fuck it!