Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Do You Have To Be So Mean?

Keep in mind while reading, I am a writer entitled to my own opinion. Composing a post targeted to certain people is never something I completely enjoy talking about, but I feel when the issue arises, it should be addressed.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when one calls another out for speaking their mind. Its completely understandable to be afraid to listen to others opinions on your work (art, writing, etc.), but when the time seems right, those people decide to speak up. Suddenly, a rush and sensation fills that person's head, but when those responses appear, those who spoke their thoughts land upon ground zero.

I've brought this issue to attention because I daily see people being bullied, and in our cases, cyber bullied. Swear words is only the beginning, and when you see someone threatening to kill another, or encouraging a stardoll member to commit suicide, its a serious issue that has yet to be addressed. Lets take a look at these bullies, shall we?

How would you like to receive one of these guestbook comments? These have already've been posted on the internet, for their victim to see. Not only on stardoll does this happen, but the sites you know and love are some of the biggest bullying sites, like facebook or twitter.

I'd most like to focus on is what happens to someone when they've gotten the courage to speak their mind through writing. Blogging is a common interest of many on stardoll, there are well over a thousand bloggers out there (and this is only stardoll blogs!), and more than double the readers. With those many readers, its frustrating to get some comments on your posts, but even more difficult coping with the threats from the readers, and harsh thoughts. Take a look at these comments.

Possibly you've seen this comment before on another blog, but I wanted to show it to TTT as well. First of all, I am friends with this person, though I don't like what she did, I can forgive her for her mistake. Never the less, calling someone a "bitch" is completely uncalled for. Who gives you any right to brutally criticize someone who clearly wasn't trying to hurt anyone? Hmm, didn't think anyone. Plus, shaming someone is one of the worst things you can do. You are basically putting the heavy weights on your prey, leaving them to suffer. Please think next time before hurting another human being.

Though its hard to tell who is anonymous, one thing for sure, they are our worst nightmares. This is a serious cyberbullying case. This victim is literally being threatened her own life, how awful! Even if someone did something wrong, it shouldn't have to go to this point. 

As I leave this moment for thought, I'd like to remind each and every one of you to think before you go ahead and puncture someone's life. Its not worth it, and the results are never satisfying.



  1. wonderful post! I totally agree with you. When I saw those comments I was like: "Is that really necessary?"

    Hm. Wish everyone could think that before they press the 'Comment' button.

  2. You said anons are your worst nightmare but the 2 examples you've shown are not anons (you covered their user names). What annoys me about bloggers is that they always target anonymous commenters but overlook blogger account holders who make really nasty & sarcastic comments (which I have seen so many times). You're just encouraging people to make blogger accounts (with any fake name like most people do) for the name purpose of bullying. I have seen so many anonymous comments which are encouraging after blogger account users have left discouraging comments but people overlook those & pay attention to those who have fake names & pics attached to their blogger accounts. We are all anonymous no one knows who anyone is & like facebook or twitter one person can make numerous accounts & leave nasty messages. Some people feel they have the right to leave not just nasty but discouraging comments because they have a fake name & pic beside it. Sarcastic & nasty comments should not be encouraged from anyone fake names or not.

  3. I loved this post.

    Though sort of agree with the anon above, some anons are nice. It's just that.. rather large few that let them down. ;)

  4. Wonderful post, I totally agree with you. I hate it how some people just do it without realising it, and think it's ok because it's all based on a dress-up website, but it's not. People take those comments to the heart and they cry over them, no matter how silly they seem.

  5. @anonymous: as far as I'm concerned, I'm only disproving of anonymous who are very rude. I totally agree that not all anonymous are bad, but anonymous is for those who want to hurt others feelings without their account being bashed by others.