Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't Come To The Stardoll Staff Looking For Some Fashion Advice...

     As the weekend finally draws its close, I decided to scour the stardoll community for some entertainment-- Can't there be some light at the end of the school-free tunnel? For today's "What Were They Thinking?" segment, I set my mind on finding someone who is considered a fashion icon (or rather someone quoted stylish) with a drag of an outfit. That desire quickly became reality once I stumbled across stardoll staff, Elle.Stardoll's page.

     Known for her faaaabulous starblog posts, she gets creative innovation from her fabulous fans and their inspirational feedback. Elle.Stardoll is quick, and up to date on the latest fashion news. Just so were clear on how amazing Elle.Stardoll is, lets see what her fans have to say...

     I could say much more regarding Elle.Stardoll, but that'll just have to wait. We are here to see what ridiculous outfit she's managed to pull together, this time, right? May I introduce to you...

Oh, how mesmerizing Elle's outfit is! Lets rethink that, shall we? I don't mean to be cruel here, but I was just about to explode in hysterical laughter. Are you trying to sneek into Will and Kate's wedding looking like that? Or did you think that was a fashionable look for your medoll? Whatever it is, I think we need to redress your medoll into something that'll actually make relative sense to your username.

First of all, I was torn-- I believe you were trying to look like a bride, but stopped short and saw that skirt you so hesitantly picked out. Instead of wearing that hideous veil, maybe a flower hair pin might have been more suitable for your look, and definitely lower the "Yuck" factor. Secondly, you seriously need to work on your styling skills (I'm assuming you spend so much time on stardoll, you forgot what real fashion is...?). That shirt, needless to say, lacks uniqueness, and doesn't match the rest of your outfit. Before I start to offend you anymore, lets rate this outfit, shall we?

★ ★ ★ ★  

Congrats, you've been rated "horrible!"
Now its TTT's turn to rate this mess!


  1. all anyone has to say these days is negative I remember when everyone in "The Show" was like "Great" & other encouraging things such as love it,cool,awesome. I'm not quiet saying there wasn't any oh that's lame or not cool or whatever.

  2. Thsi is a segment though. There are two other segments (Fashion Face Off & Stardoll Style). This is the one where we display the not so good outfits.