Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hotbuy Spotlight: Elite-Girl

Hello Stardollies! Jillian Rebekah with a shorter post on a elegant and huge hotbuys collection. Now when I came across the beautiful Elite-Girl's phenomenal collection, I instantly fell in love with every piece! From the simple pink Hot Buys Dress to the extravagant Hot Buys Art Dress, each piece in this room is desired by any Hot Buys collector. My favorite piece below is definitely the sophisticated Hot Buys Dress from Fallen Angel, which can also be seen below. I would rate this collection a shining 5 stars out of 5! Containing both older rare pieces and newer delights brought variety and thoroughly impressed me. What do you think of it? Beautiful, right? Which piece is your favorite, comment below!

To visit Elite-girl's suite, click here? Want to be featured or see someone you know featured in a Hotbuys post? Click here to recommend.

Stay Beautiful,
~Jillian Rebekah

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