Saturday, April 14, 2012

Magazines: Realism VS Virtuality

Magazines - Vogue, Seventeen, People, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar. They sound familiar in the real world, do they not? However what about in the Stardoll world? Not at all, actually. I asked three people about Harper's Bazaar and they weren't even sure what it was.

So some of you must be thinking, "How do they not know what that is?!" But it isn't a big deal, honestly. I'd like to believe most people read real-life magazines, but sometimes that isn't the case.
Sometimes, members of the Stardoll virtual Community rely on graphic designers and organizers to provide their fashion information, it's sad, but also true. Although Stardoll-related magazines aren't bad, they aren't real, published words.

Should we really depend on the fashion advice of others to make our choices? I don't think so. If you want real fashion, it should come from real magazines. Now, don't make mistake this as me saying that Stardoll Magazines don't give good fashion advice, because many do. Fierce, one of my favorite stardoll magazines of all time gave very good fashion advice, and I used to use some of it for my medoll, but I don't anymore. I follow my own path, and so should you, the readers of the blog.
VOGUE magazine

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