Monday, April 23, 2012


Magazines began when Style_magazine first released Style Magazine!
Of course, this has begun a long standing tradition of Stardoll magazines, trying to reach that peak of success SM created. But that all starts when people start to recognize the magazine.
Although a few recent releases haven't made it to the spot-light, I'm here to introduce them to the world.

Our first magazine released is Splendid Magazine, created by: Galuya and mvm2807.

First thing I'll address is the no-theme thing.
It seems to be popular among newer magazines and it's weird that they don't have a specific theme, but also good. (theme meaning an idea the magazine is focused around)
I guess graphics would be another thing to improve. Although they were very good, I would've liked to seen more complex and creative images. 


That being said, same goes for articles. The lack of writing in the magazine has me wanting to hate it, but you can't help but love this magazine. Of course this is only the FIRST issue, they still did amazing! The amount of graphics made up for the lack of articles.
All-in-all, it's an amazing magazine and I'm definitely looking forward to it's next issue, which is set to be debuted in May!
Here's some more images from the magazine!


The next magazine is LOUD Magazine.

 It was released on April 13th, which was nine days ago, but still, it's a recently released magazine and deserves to be featured!
This magazine is owned by our very own Kimberly, who is the owner of this amazing blog.
Starting with this release picture, she re-introduced it back to our Dollywood society!

 And she followed through about eight days later and released the magazine.
(The editors letter explaining everything about the magazine.Click to enlarge.)
She says in the editor's letter that this issue is a combination of all previous pieces she originally wanted to use in the 2011 summer issue. This being said, she also made the theme about the three girls the magazine is about: Members who've made an impact in our virtual world and aren't as active as they used to be.
The three medolls that were the focal point in the magazine were:
 and Pirata111

The articles were well-written and organized well through-out the magazine.
Kimberly also incorporated a summery theme along with the main theme. 
 It's a very well organized magazine and I'm happy for it's release! I've been anticipating LOUD since last year and it has finally arrived!

Congrats to Kimberly, Maria, and Sophie for your Magazines! 
Good luck to their futures! ;)

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