Saturday, April 28, 2012

Miss Stardoll World, Not Our Biggest Fashion Role Models

     So after a week of choking a bag-load of coughs, and countless hours with a fever, I've finally chosen some time to take a stroll down Writers Block Lane. As you all know, my new segment is to post "What Were They Thinking?," meaning I'm supposed to go about and find an outfit of a fashion frenzy dollie who should've rethought what they were wearing.

     I'm going to be very subtle when I say this, but I'm not exactly that type of girl who follows (heck, I don't even go online and scour out the latest trends) up to date styles. I will be posting with my honest opinions, not what everyone else thinks. Which, quite honestly, is a bit hard when your just waiting for someone to rip your reputation into a million shattering glass pieces. Never the less, I will be posting my personal thoughts, so I don't want to hear all this "bippitty bobbitty boo" nonsense. M'kay, we clear?

     So when I went to go out about Dollywood, I thought, "Who is someone we all know well, and all don't necessarily like and/or look up to?" And then it hit me. Miss Stardoll World. From the two previous years after stardoll holding the "once in a lifetime oportunity" competition, I rushed over to the two unforgettable Oh-I'm-So-Famous-Everyone-Is-Going-To-Kiss-Up-To-Me-And-I'll-Be-Ever-So-Perfect Turkish queens *shivers* and sought out a mistake or two in their outfits.

     Sadly, the chea-- I mean Miss Stardoll World Winner 2010, Perlice2, was wearing a simple outfit, yet I couldn't find something to bash her out on. So I spent a few minutes traveling uphill to New Star City to find Ceren.Gk in a heck of a train wreck.

gif animator
Ok, I'm going to say this once, and one time only, but that LE Faux Fur Blazer has never let my food go down easy. It reminds me of a stripper ready to woo over the guys when she takes off her robe revealing not-so pleasant body parts (If you get my perverted side of me...). Buuuut, maybe you have already realized that from the emphasized gif.

What's really wrong with her outfit? Its the fact that she overuses LE. My problem with Limited Edition is each piece makes a big statement. See, the blazer, shorts, bag, and shoes all overpower one another. It definitely sets the eyes darting every which way.

So, as of now, I will be rating the awfulness of each outfit with the...  

★ ★ ★

 But, as the real question is, how would you rate her outfit? I've added another rating, and you can vote for how awful you think her outfit is today (1 is ok, and 5 is the worst).


  1. hahahahha LOL I loved this post, Lindsey!
    But i have to agree, every time I visit Ceren.GK, she is in some kind of rare. It sort of annoys me :3

  2. Um outfits are made for outfits, not to be dissected.

  3. Hilarious! I was laughing by head off.

    And true, outfits aren't meant to be dissected but people are allowed to share their opinion. Lindsey here is not dissecting the outfit, she is simple stating her opinion (and indirectly implying that she looks like a stripper).

  4. This is so funny lol! Ceren.gk was one of the first people with luxurious suites and rares I visited when I joined Stardoll. I remember wondering how she could afford so much. She even had LE that she paid 500sd for! Seriously? Why doesn't she try to save money and buy real life clothes instead of spending a fortune here? She's always been showing off her LE and rares. Quite hard to remember a single outfit of hers with something that's not even a HB or Le etc.

  5. Love this post.
    && I totally agree. ceren.gk is just a show off.

  6. Witty post and all but this part offends me.

    Its like saying "I only visited them to diss them." Which is kinda mean if you ask me, though this IS just Stardoll, but I don't think its right to want to pick on someone for nothing.

    If that makes sense.

  7. @Dei, I totally get your standing point... though I wanted to find a person who we maybe might have similar opinions on. Thanks for the critique though.

  8. you are dead right !!!!!!!!!1 you go girl lol .. you can really stand up for what you beleve