Friday, April 27, 2012

Tress Up

Please excuse the lack of a banner!

Starpoints always seem to be few and far apart, so getting new hair always feels good - at first. The perceived greatness of receiving a new hairstyle fades dramatically after about five minutes. That's usually when you go back to your favourites, your most reliable hairstyles, the fail safes - except with the introduction of StarDesign jewellery came a slew of creative people making and selling their own wigs, an obvious indication that not only were the general public clever enough to make more than just shiny knick-knacks; they were becoming increasingly discontented with the Stardoll's basic hair offerings.

That's just one of the reasons that the new shop Tress Up is aptly timed - the oh-so-nineties trend of multicoloured hair is suddenly fresh again, creeping up on us through the inspiration of catwalk trends, the insistence of tumblr's hipster culture and behind the idea of ombré - there is no ombre hair style though, which is kind of surprising! Like many others, I've fallen in love with the trend (who else tried the pink-dipped starpoint hair?) and the demand for colourful locks is large and ever-growing.

Perhaps that's why I feel so disappointed that these are just wigs and not dyes - you would have imagined with the things they can do already with Flash that they could have made an actual dip-dye, but it's we just don't know what is within the capabilities (or financial interest) of the Stardoll staff to make. The other side of this is that some of the wigs are lovely enough to want without the dip-dye.

But what worries me the most about this new shop is that if it proves to be a success - and it will - what will become of the basic hair options? I'm pretty sure that when Stardoll finds they can make good money from selling hair, they won't release any new styles for free.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth though - some of the hair is rather lovely, my personal highlights being the Valentina hair (braid), the Tijana hair (side ponytail) and Lady Gaga-esque Jonna hair. I'm definitely not a fan of the Maylen piled up hair, though!

What about you, TTT? What do you think of Tress Up?


  1. I actually quite like the styles. I've been dying for some new hairstyles (Finally got my 6000sp hairs today!), and dip-dye? Who can go wrong splurging themselves?

  2. I can't help but wonder if it'll be one of them shops that everybody loves at first, but then doesn't release another collection for like a year.

    I love it though. ^^