Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Rose MakeUp

Hello everyone!

Today I am coming with a new MakeUp tutorial, it's called Spring Rose MakeUp. This makeup feels very fresh, sweet and also fun! It is perfect for any occasion, plus it doesn't take you long at all. 
Try to match it with light trendy clothes (try florals) and keep your lips nice and nude. You can also add some accessories; a few ideas are added at the end of the video! I hope you enjoy the tutorial, please leave your opinions, ideas and experiences below in the comments.

Take care! Lily x


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. how do you do makeup tutorials is it witha camera?

  3. @breakingdawn279: Not really, I use a screen recorder program.

  4. You removed my comment just because I sugested you should use pictures as readers might not want to watch a tutorial. And you were offended by that? How strange, it's just a suggestion not a criticism, you don't have to take it. If you're not prepared to listen to people why would they listen to you? Respect is both ways. For those who didn't see that comment I only said using pictures would attract more readers as videos take time to watch. Is that an insult? I'm never reading any post by you anywhere again. What a way to alienate readers. Good luck(you can remove this comment as well as that's what you do).

  5. @Anonymous (?):
    Look, firstly: when you give ideas to people it is very wanted to tell at least your username. Secondly: it's not your problem if people like the tutorial this way or other way, tell your opinion not others (you even don't know). I made a research and after all I realized that "we" can learn more if we see the whole process - in this case the tutorial! After all, your comment wasn't friendly, I found it very edgy. At the end people like the tutorial.(source: the voting poll).

    Haters gonna hate.
    Lily x

  6. Lily I'm sorry but I have to agree with anon on this one.

    It wasn't mean criticism so to say, and wasn't doing any harm. It was a bit of advice and I see no reason for the removal.

    Please don't remove tips in the future, even if you don't agree with it.

  7. Thanks Kimberly, she misundertood what I meant, if I had known she would take it that way then I wouldn't have bothered. I don't know you personally so how can I hate you? It was never a fight & this is the first time I've seen your post & you're right your posts are none of my business. Anyway goodluck.

  8. @Anonymous: I am very sorry for misunderstanding ... As I was thinking about it I realized that you somehow actually are right, anyway I think I will keep on making tutorials as I like that very much :))