Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome Home

TTT has come and gone throughout the years, and after taking ownership back in the early Springtime of 2011 I feel as though it has edged to more of a personal blog. People write posts about what they want to write, quite frankly. It has had some beautiful looks, no doubt, but the look of a blog isn't enough to keep readers interested.

I felt as though it was time to make the blog more organised, solely a fashion blog and nothing else, hense the reason I have now designated positions to the writers here on the blog. I've also given it a mini makeover to embrace Spring, bring on the mint!

Stardoll Style: Kimberly Dean
This is bringing back a previous segment which used to hold place on Tyler's Top Trends. If you wish for your outfit to be featured for the first comeback post of it, leave a comment!
Hotbuys: Jillian Rebekah
If you wish to read about the latest Hotbuys collections, newest items released, reviews of the month's collection and some extraordinary Hotbuy collections remember to check out Jillian's posts.
Trends: Lige Scene
Trends are a massive part of the fashion world; they determine what is stylish and what is not. Lige Scene, our trend reporter, will be keeping us up to date with the real life trends, and trends on Stardoll.
Introducing...: Amanda Lucy
Introducing is a segment in which new and undiscovered real world fashion brands are introduced to the readers. Brace yourselfs for stunning campaigns and collections... 
Exclusive Releases: Kasey Noelle
Bringing you some Stardoll spoilers from magazines, upcoming fashion lines, brand new projects and some exclusive new releases.
Opinions, Polls & Reviews: Lana Addison
Self explanitory: Lana will be posting about the poll results, her opinions and reviews of Stardoll magazines and fashion lines.
Real World Fashion: Linus Leonardssen
What Were They Thinking?: Lindsey Le'Vogue
 Lindsey will be spotting some of the 'less better dressed' members of Stardoll and giving some critiques on how they can improve their outfits, and why it's a mess too.
Reviews & Releases: Julie Carol
Read all about the latest new stores, features and releases as well as reviews about many of them.
Lily Lo Beauty: Lily Auriol
Beauty and hair tutorials, monthly favourites and new beauty reviews by Lily: As from Lily Lo Beauty.
Glamour Girl: Khol Vasquez
 Beauty and glamour videos from the fierce Khol.
Thoughts & Feelings: Haley Renée
 Haley shares her thoughts and feelings on various subjects around Stardoll and the real world.
Fashion Face Off: Chace Clark
Where two fabulously dressed medolls compete to win the best look;where you can vote in comments.

Obviously they aren't going to stick to the exact list, they will write posts about other things now and again, I don't want the blog to be so organised that you always know what's coming. :-)

Have fun,
& by the way an amazing competition coming soon.
Goodbye, Kimberly Dean.


  1. Yay! Not that I didn't like doing trends on Stardoll, I prefer introducing projects, spoilers, and magazines much more! Thanks!