Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Fashion and Modeling Agency?

Today's Top Trends presents to you the first fashion agency that promotes their models. The concept is simple, one blog, several fashionistas, tons of posts. It's a new TTT outlet and you can appy now to be a fashion model! Check it out now.



  1. The first time you write in months and not only did you use the wrong banner (just in-case you didn't know) but you also just fame-whore'd a project..

    Like.. okay.

  2. Hmm.. I like this banner, and I wrote a post about Maje of my column introducing 2 weeks ago. Then, it's a TTT outlet, if could've been Kim' who wrote about the project... So, it's okay say what you think about me, but can't you say what you think about what you read? Hmmm...

  3. I don't understand it at all if that what you wanted to know.

    You say its a first but all I see is that its a modeling agency and nothing more. And there have been hundreds of them around.

    If you are kind enough to explain, where does the fashion part play into to this?

  4. Dei ^

    it's more a portfolio lol. peopel post their daily looks and such, as well as describing them and stuff like that as well as putting the graphics they are in

    its kinda odd

  5. Well, all is wrote on the blog. If I could say it in another way... I'd say that we let our models speak, and we never talked about having clients, we're just give the spotlight some girls needed. So I don't think we're really like all the other Modeling Agencies.
    So, yes, the models talk about their style, do some posts about how their chose their looks and so to make some advices to the readers. Plus with that they post the graphics where they've been featured as a model.
    I hope I answered to you.

  6. I guess it makes sense..?

    Though the showcasing of outfits sounds innovative, posting where they are featured isn't anything new.

    The idea is confusing to me.. sorry lol

  7. It's okay Dei, I'm still glad you asked me so you can understand it better. But I think the best thing for you to do is see what will come after as the post they'll be writing.


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