Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Alot of you are complaining about the concept of TTT-NTM (Today's Top Trends Next Top Model) saying that it's not unique enough. I must admit that I agree really, there are very limited things we can do though... Not all models can design graphics, not everyone can scenery pose; So I want your ideas!

Please comment below with your ideas on how to make this better. I introduced this competition especially for you readers, so I really want your ideas!

Comment and share your thoughts,
Nikhol Vasquez.


  1. I think that it is great the way it is. And as you said, not everyone knows how to make graphics and how to make complex scenery poses, unless it is a competition for really great and experienced models. For example, I want to give a try and to apply for the first cycle. I don't know if I am gonna make it, but at least I try. And if I am lucky and I will be ne of the 12 contestants, I don't know how to make graphics, and to make a cute pose I think would take me a few time. The way it is now is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to become a model and make their dream come true.
    It may not be unuque enough, but let's be honest, nowadays there are a few thing and a few people that are 100 % unique.


  2. The idea is okay.. I like that you tried to make it different, but it still stands that it is a modeling competition.

    If you wanted to make it different you would have to get rid of the whole concept that it is a modeling comp, but you don't have to please everyone or be original to hold a competition.

    At least you could do is NOT put 'NEXT TOP MODEL' on it, EVERYONE does that and it gets on my nerves.

    Also, you should work a little, not a lot, just a tad on your grammar. Like in your post you say 'alot' when a lot is two words.