Saturday, May 19, 2012

An important change:

TTT's Next Top Model has been replaced by Project dollywood.
There is 3 jobs we can find here in Dollywood. There are application forms for models, graphic designers and writers. Once we choose who will be getting through to the first task, you will be put into teams.
Each team has one model, one writer and one graphic designer. And then, just as every competition, there will be tasks. The tasks will be done in teams of course. In each task, the graphic designer will design a graphic featuring the model, who will state what kind of pose she wants etc. and the writer will have to write a a few paragraphs or maybe an article about the graphic depending on the task. There will be around 12 days between each task and after each task a team will be eliminated. 

Teams may be mixed up during the competition to give it a twist. Also note that prizes haven't been finalized, more will be added shortly.

The winning overall team will receive the following;
The Model: Will become Covergirl of a well known magazine and be featured in other lines.
The Graphic Designer: Oppurtinity to get commisioned to perfom a blog makeover.
The Writer: Oppurtinity to write for a famous blog and magazine.
Applications are listed on the blog, they will close on Wednesday 9th June.

the link is still the same;


  1. Great change! I like this a lot!

  2. "The Model: Covergirl of a magazine and model in a Fashion Line.

    The Graphic Designer: create banners for blogs and work for a magazine/fashion line

    The Writer: writer in a blog, writer in a mag"

    No offense, the project is nice and competitive but the prizes are bad.

    For the model its okay because they get to become a covergirl, but then the graphic designer will have to work for free for a magazine not of their choice most likely and then the writer will be thrown on some blog whether they like it or not, the same for the magazine part.

    But its different if the person gets paid for all their hard work. But that wasn't stated above so I wouldn't know.

  3. ^ The prizes will be gone into further detail later on Dei! (:

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  5. Sounds really good :)

    ~ bracken1234