Monday, May 21, 2012

In That Polka Dot Bikini Gurrl..

Hello dolls. Cool title, I know, haha.

I don't know if you've already noticed but it looks like it's the first day of summer in Dollywood today. Alot of dolls are tanning at their private beach areas in their luxury Miama penthouses. I've been visiting a few suites and seeing all these summer outfits, but I'm focusing on the power of the bikini first and foremost! In my opinion, stardoll bikinis never look right, but as some of the hottest dolls around are wearing them, will it become a Dollywood trend?

XXLOVEXX                                     ELITE-GIRL                             HOLLYOAKSROCKS*

Look at Kimberly! (left) our beautiful TTT owner rocking her LE bikini! Definitely not scared to show some skin! She pairs the bikini with an LE clutch and floral shades. Then we have gorgeous socialite Linda (middle) getting her golden on, love how she makes it hot! This is a perfect summer look and them warm golden brown colours are hot! Lastly we have me! Bearing some flesh in this free polka dot bikini I received like three years ago. The things you can make work, eh?

So in your opinion, who does it for you?
What summer trends would you like to see our dolls wearing?


  1. Yeah we are!

    Kim I voted for you hot stuff!

  2. I love how that one girl went up 30-40 votes in 3mins the other day lol.

    hmm, I smell something fishy.

  3. Oh now I get it, the winner wrote this post LOL. But I don't like those tatoos.

  4. I love the middle one :)

    ~ bracken1234