Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now That's A Sticky Situation

You know that thrill when you take a visit to your local book store, and pick out a load of new books that have that new, sweet paper smell? Well, maybe this time you'll be smelling your guilt for being a true addict of stardoll. May I introduce a Stardoll and Random House Publication creation...

Looks like another off-stardoll creation has been added... A Stardoll Sticker Dress Up Book (hence the post title) and a Stardoll Covergirl Handbook. As a young soul of mine, I decided to head over to the Random House website. It appears these aren't the only new books... there are a whole series of 6 books! Those include tempting titles of Superstar Stylist and Stardoll's Top Trends (looks like they were jealous of TTT, and decided to steal the name! Could this be possible?!)! Aren't you ready to scramble your wallet and jump in the car to zoom to your local book store? What makes it better? These books can be brought home for a shocking $10.75 U.S. Currency (According to Amazon), cheap, I know!

Ok, enough sarcasm, I'm ready to get back to the real reason why I decided to post about this topic.

Every stardollian knows (or at least assumes) that stardoll is obsessed with raking in some cash, and I know, its not fair. However, since they are a thriving business, they need this type of money. I could spend hours and hours talking business statistics, but what's really up with these books?

For some reason, I'm starting to think stardoll's loosing ideas. They've came up with more than what I could've ever made possible in a whole lifetime... I mean, lets think of the newest stores, apps, and website additions that has been added in the month, year, and whole stardoll lifetime. Maybe it appears that they are coming up with better and better ideas daily, but I feel as if the website we've came to know and love are coming up with more and more ridiculous ideas, some have been thoroughly expressed with hatred, others with sympathetic encouragement. Lets take a look at some of these new (and I'm not going to lie, these are my own personal opinions) and unruly features.

I'm like extremely serious, that "Sofee Vegra" or whatever her name is (I know how to spell it, but whenever I see that person's face, I just start laughing my ass off! Cannot say her name right what so ever!) really makes me itch. Maybe its her voice, which by the way, if you want to laugh your ass off too, I recommend seeing the commercial HERE, or that a person would actually want their collection part of Kmart, I'm just in shock.

Maybe you aren't aware of Kmart's quality, but I'll just admit, its one of the worst places I've been in my life. If you can't afford proper clothing, you'll probably be shopping at your local Kmart (hopefully this isn't coming across as racist or anything...). Why exactly would stardoll choose this collection out of a ton of other brands, with much, much, MUCH better quality. Couldn't a Gucci or a Marc Jacobs collection suffice?

Moving on to another feature that truly shows stardoll is loosing ideas (and maybe a bit desperate for more members on the site).

I'll admit, but I do love the stardesign hair, and its quite fun to test one's ability to create something quite amazing. What I'm actually quite upset about when I see someone wearing a stardesign hair, is that stardoll literally took away some of our creativity. I was so impressed with the amount of amazing hairs created from stardesign jewelry, but stardoll just had to come and interfere, and remove that outlet from us (not that you still can't make hair from stardesign jewelry, but its definitely less popular).

Another way for them to come up with an idea, yet doesn't it appear that they are already using our own ideas?

As I wrap up this post, I think, why are we still on stardoll? Its because stardoll continuously feeds us with new site additions, and therefore we don't get bored. What will happen if stardoll's ideas get less and less exciting, and all together the rate of Stardoll's members declines? Comment and let me know. I'd love to hear your point of view from this topic.

Stardoll is loosing creativity, and I'm not happy about it.

-Lindsey Le'Vogue

Also, I know this isn't my segment, but I felt the need to enlighten TTT with some stardoll statistics.


  1. These books are so old.. Theyre over a year old ..

  2. They are quite old but dis post is really good!

  3. I know plenty of people who buy their kid's clothes from K-mart/Walmart. It isn't a big deal, especially if they're going to grow out of their clothes quickly. No regular person would buy Gucci. Who has time to care about wearing designer shit when people out there have no clothes at all?

  4. I have never been to Kmart (mainly because its 40 minutes away) but I know that a lot of celebrities have collections there.

    Good post, as always Lindsey!