Friday, May 4, 2012

Original Future: Folk Fudge?

Hello there TTT readers!

Stardoll released a new store with an original name: Original Future. Let's have a look..

click to enlarge

Now i'll state my own, very personal and original opinion: this store isn't original AT ALL. Seriously, haven't you been asking yourself: Where did those old, good graphic designers go? Why isn't Stardoll releasing amazing pieces like this anymore?

They could have just added those clothes to Bizou or Fudge. If they wanted so bad to release a new store, then why can't they make it really gorgeous, with amazing pieces of clothes and not some rushed items like this store holds. I think they look like an odd Folk + Fudge mix and I'm really not sure if I like that.

Well, I said what I had to say about the new store ... Now I would like to hear your opinions.

Well, thanks for the attention!


  1. stop comparinmg LE too everthing!!!!

  2. LE was the store they actually put effort into so that's why I compare stores with it.

    And I'm not comparing LE to everything, I just wanted to prove that Stardoll used to do much more wroth-the-money clothes than they do now.

  3. Tbh, stardoll are never going to put as much effort into normal clothes as they do into LE because that'd take the value out if it. The standards should be atleast a bit higher though.