Monday, May 7, 2012

Please, Don't Overuse Free Items

After a fairly lazy afternoon of nothing but graphics and web surfing, I've realized something quite important-- It's been a week since I've last posted "What Were They Thinking!" And that's exactly what I intend to do.

This person I've chosen I feel a bit hesitant to feature, since she is quite popular, and definitely has a sweet personality (however it is debatable), and I know some people are going to get upset with me, but as us writers must overcome, the haters. I'm not going to send a warning signal, and not going to make you like me, since I already know that's not how our delicate universe works, but, I'm just going to let you know, I chose this person based on her look, not on who she is.

So, without further ado, may I introduce to you, Ghandoora. She's known for her popular blog, Ghandoora the Boss. Sure, it sounds like she overthinks herself, but she has also kept a good reputation for the past few doll years. Maybe you've heard of Ghandeer, she's also known for spamming every guestbook to describe how you can win LE, hundreds of stardollars, and more! Oh my! I could write a whole post regarding her and her successful blog with currently 1651 followers (Or "My Followers" as she describes), but I'd rather just show you this...

Looks like someone can't wait for those summer days, but who knows what she was thinking. Maybe I can explain just that to you. I can tell right away that she likes free items, heck, can't even go a day without using a proxy to get her hands on any clothing she can find, no matter how ugly it is. Archive Brim Hat? 0sd. Archive African Long Dress? 0sd. Special Offer Tanned Pleather Satchel? 0sd. Special Offer Tangerine Platforms? 0sd. Looks like every item, head to toe on Ghandeer is a free item. Perhaps she's a bit obsessed with these great deals?

What I pity most of her "interesting" fashion choice is that African Dress. Maybe its stardoll who I'm ultimately driven crazy from, but either way, it is not a dress. NOT A DRESS I TELL YOU! I believe the correct term is called a jumpsuit-- which we all know is something you'll find a plumber, or any other undesirable job an employee is wearing. I'm not even sure what's worse now. Ghandoora's outfit, or the fact stardoll chose to make that dress. Quite honestly, its the African dress that's umbalencing the whole outfit. Can you wear another dress that doesn't offend my sensitive eyes? Either way, lets move on and rate it.

★ ★ ★

Congrats, you are our second contestant for the "You are Wearing a Horrible Outfit" reality T.V. show! Tell me, how does that incredible honor make you feel?!

I'd like to hear TTT's take on this blogging queen's outfit now!


  1. hmm,I used to be a real big person on free items when they were available a LOT more than they are now. It's probably because that was the best a non superstar would get.
    As I've said: "There's no such thing as overusing 'Free'"

    I personally think that Ghandoora made the "dress" work. Maybe without the sunglasses and the hat...[plus that lipstick] would make it look loads better, but that is just me.

  2. Mmm I think she overused the accessories, and didn't focus enough on the dress. the dress is supposed to be the vital point of the outfit, considering it's bright orange with a beaded neckline (Which, BTW, I don't think her tan skin looks particularly good with the orange, sorry.), So I have to agree with you.

  3. I actually like the outfit. And Ghandeer. I think shes a very nice person, and yes I've worked with her.

  4. I'm going anonymous for the sake of my comment's content, but really, how did such a false fact as Ghandeer being nice ever cross your mind? She's one pathetic lifeless cunt.
    In December, a girl(apparently Ghandoora's follower lol) approached and attacked me in my guestbook calling me a hacker. Myself, being a safe user, replied to her comment as in 'wtf', and she literally immediately responded that I hacked Ghandeer back in the previous summer, the funny thing being I've never had a talk with Ghandeer before and I was off of Stardoll during summer 2011.
    A day or two later, Ghandeer came to my guestbook advertising her utter shit of a blog, and I asked her why is she spreading false rumors about me. And I exactly remember how she was like uhm, no its true, you hacked me! you asked me for my password and when I logged back on I had no Stardollars, and of course she said it with her hell of a bad English. I don't know how did she came up with this, because my memory span is pretty damn long and I don't remember ever hacking someone, especially I have no idea why would I want to hack her as I wouldn't gain pretty much anything at all by hacking her lame ass account. But as expected, she didn't give up and said that she remembers how it was me and totally not anybody else. I was all up in anger so I wasn't bothered enough to reply to her comment, I simply blocked that pathetic cunt. After a few hours, or probably a day, a friend of mine told me about their friend's experience with Ghandeer. She allegedly attacked them the same way as she did me, but that time she hasn't done it for Stardollars but for rares (which she obviously doesn't value as she seems to be ever so satisfied with her freebies lol), she accused them of hacking their rares off of her. She's done it for the person to feel sorry for her and gift her some rare pieces.
    I'm honestly sick of that bitch and I don't understand how can anyone think of her as of somebody nice and kind and ugh, what not, when she's a hell of a greedy dick sucker.
    And yeah, she's very "popular" as in all other meanings but being liked by a mass of people.

  5. A bit funny & a bit harsh, I hope Ghandoora takes no offence to the post. The dress represents North Africa they use that colour & wear long dresses, I like the dress, her outfit (minus the sun glasses)& I like freebies. Commenting on outfits is ok as long as it doesn't turn into insults afterall most of this people are minding their own business in their suites & dressing to their taste. Come on jumpsuits are stylish & fashionable, great post idea but don't be harsh. We all have different tastes & I think she's kind of arabic as well.

  6. It's me Ghandoora.
    Thanks for your post and for making me much popular :)

  7. Get a life jack and ghandoora

  8. This kind of post makes me run away from this blog - thought it was a good one, but little did I know....

  9. Ghandora is a nice person but she takes things too personally.

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