Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Release: Vogue Magazine

Oooh La La! Jelinna takes the cover in a stunning wolf sweater.

Earlier today Vogue Stardoll released it's May issue, yet again stunning us with it's amazing graphics. The magazine itself featured an interesting article about Adele, a sophisticated makeup tutorial alongside some Must haves for the coming months. I totally adore this magazine. It is very on-time with releases not leaving you hanging around waiting and is very professional. Maybe the issue does lack structure with no covergirl interview as such, but it definitely an all round success! I can't wait to see the further issues of this up and coming magazine. What are your opinions?

LEFT; Lollypopsa has captured the true beauty of Adele              RIGHT; Returning model --Zoe-- still looks fabulous

Check out the magazine here!

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