Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spoilers Galore!

It's a spoiler-fest today!

Two well-known magazines have released their spoilers for upcoming issues within the
 period of ONE DAY!... And who are these two magazines that Stardoll members have come to love?


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Created by Eliza (wooldoor) in an over-whelming Lady Gaga-like tribune.
It's truly become a famous and iconic part of Dollywood.

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The drama that was unfolded by a secret isn't being held over the popularity of this magazine.
Forever Chic is a different subject altogether. Although Nicole(tapstar321) had some explaining to do about her mysterious whereabouts of the past year, she surprises us by unveiling this retro spoiler.


Here is the spoiler:
Click to go to the website.

Splendid is exactly what the name refers to. It really is splendid. The team is well organized and helpful in directions. The graphics were amazing in the last issue and will be even better this time coming around. Look forward to the next issue sometime between May 20-25th.

It seems as though Stardoll magazines really are making a comeback after a slow overhaul in 2011. I can't wait to see them all!

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