Monday, May 21, 2012

A Swimwear Surprise

I quickly checked Stardoll from my phone this morning to find some spoilers released on Underneath Stardoll. Some speculating it may be a limited edition returnal of Splash Swimwear and some wondering whether it may just be Limited Edition itself. The graphics are indeed pretty spectular but I had my doubts about it being LE considering the collection of spoilers was mostly made up of bikinis.

Second bikini to the left is my personal favourite from this slide, the shoes are gorgeous also!
Well, the new collection of Riveria has just been released and I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised! The last collection certainly wasn't any graphics supreme. It's designs and the way in which the graphics were carried out were both less than mediocre.
Stunning bikinis once again and some beautiful shoes.

Okay, so can I just express my love for the look of this store first? It looks so cute and bright, perfectly fitting for the upcoming season. It genuinely looks like it could be an LE background, so bravo for that. Secondly, them bikinis look SO flawless.

Another spectular floor level with some amazing items.

 I'd be a little peeved if this was Limited Edition purely because of the whole colour situation, but it isn't and these colours are awesome for summer. I'm not overly keen on some of the bags and a few of the bikinis are oddly designed and coloured, but over all it's a beatiful new store. Even the prizes are decent. Well done Stardoll, you've totally surprassed my expectations on Riveria and your ability to make amazing clothes for good prizes. This is all-round an amazing new release.

MY VERDICT: 87/100. I love most of the bikinis and the colour choices are awesome for this store. Some of the items are a bit odd and the bags could be worked on ever so slightly, but a great store altogether.

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