Friday, June 8, 2012

Through the Seasons: DKNY

DKNY first came to Stardoll in Aug/Sept 2007. It was shockingly expensive at the time, with dresses pricing up to 25 stardollars. The normality of prices back then was far lower though, so understandably people were shocked. However it was an extremely luxurious brand, and was also one of the first real life brands (possibly even the first?) to come to Stardoll.

Here is a look at the first ever DKNY released: which you are lucky to get for 1000 stardollars in some cases. Some of the items were non-superstar but the collection is extremely well-made and sought after.

The second collection of DKNY came  a few months later in November 2007. This collection was classier and more elegant than the first, holding tribute to paisley print, lip print, sequins and dip-dyes, painted in sumptuous reds and ovulent blacks. It was titled the DKNY Holiday Collection.

Moving onto third collection which was followed speedily by the fourth and stayed in the starplaza as a joint collection. This collection was very New York City like with lots of blacks, oranges, pinks and yellows with very stylish clothes altogether.

This floor is the third, others can be counted as fourth.
Lots of pinks and chic blazers and tees.
A floor with the rare DKNY bikes and some stylish dresses.

The next collection was once again a very Summery city chic collection, painted with beautiful green, blue and brown hues. None of the items from this collection are overly rare and are easily accessible in the starbazaar for all to find.

The penultimate collection, known as the anniversary collection to many, is one of my personal favourites. Although it isn't quite as summery as the past collections, it still holds the essence of a city chic brand and the clothes once again look very nice.

This is the final ever collection, at this moment, of DKNY that ever appeared on Stardoll. It was very fall-winter'esque and was alot more grown up than previous collections. This is my least favourite DKNY store but I still really liked it.

Stardoll's contract ended with DKNY and was never renewed, hense this is the final ever collection to grace the starplaza. As with everyone else, I miss DKNY. It was a beautiful store and holds such a massive place in Stardoll's history. It was on Stardoll from 2006 until 2010, so roughly three to four years. It's stay in Stardoll was long, but many people want it back. I personally would love to see a DKNY tribute because I can't see another full DKNY store on Stardoll if I'm honest. 

What do you think?


  1. Great post! I love the idea of having 'Through the Seasons'. Don't let this series go unfinished. It's a keeper.

  2. Glad you like it! There is SO many DKNY collections and the shots of the shop are so hard to find. I'll definitely try to keep it gonig. :)

  3. I wish Stardoll would release a new DKNY collection. ):